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    Poems by Fran Peck

  • Escape

    • Published: April 2019

    in Acrostic Poems

    Every time a rhyme goes through my mind,
    Something special takes place that I find,
    Creating a place for my soul to dwell,
    Away from the pressure of having to tell


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  • God Is Waiting To Hear From You

    Sometimes we go through periods of time that we forget to pray, or we are too busy to pray and we get off track with what is really important. You may feel like you are too far away from God, or that it has been so long since you have prayed that God will not hear you. Don't worry about what it feels like, or what it looks like, just get on your knees and talk to God. He will welcome you back like the good Father he is.

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    • Posted on 03/13/19

    in Prayer Poems

    As I bowed my head to pray,
    I was searching for the words to say.
    So much time had come to pass
    since I had felt Your presence last.

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  • The Cost Of Temptation

    We must choose not to give in to temptation with the help of the Holy Spirit. The consequences are eternal.

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    • Posted on 02/13/19

    in Poems about Spirituality

    The Cost of Temptation

    Sin came knocking at your door,
    promising some spice.

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  • A Day In Heaven For My Friend

    I wrote this poem on the one-year anniversary of my friend Cathy's death. We had been friends since first grade as well as living right next door. All through our lives we were connecting, moving around between two states, having children, working, then in our 50's we reconnected and was in the same church together. Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, fought a good fight and passed away in March of 2013. I missed her so much, and was thinking about what she was doing in heaven.

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    • Posted on 02/05/19

    in Best Friend Poems

    A Day in Heaven For My Friend

    Did you walk on streets of gold today?
    Did you comb the angel's hair?

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  • Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Our Hearts

    • Published: January 2019

    in Birthday Poems

    Poems are written every day for moms across the earth.
    Stories, songs, and ballads, all trying to tell her worth,

    How every day she battled, the odds against her stacked,


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