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I have found that there is a certain freedom in writing poetry, a way to express my emotions through an avenue which I didn't consider at first. Now I strive to enhance my poetry in anyway, although I don't think i'm going to become great at it immediately, there will be quite a few "flops". Please, if you have any constructive criticism I would be happy to hear it.

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    Poems by VayneMourne

  • Leslie, My Love

    • pending
    • Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    Appreciation Of My True Love

    in Girlfriend Poems

    Love forever and always, you are there with me
    Eccentric and bubbly, you brighten the darkest of days
    Sexy and beautiful, I sometimes wonder if you are a mirage
    Laughing aloud, you enjoy the simple things

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  • Freedom In The Flow

    • Published: April 11, 2019
    Freedom Acrostic Poem

    in Acrostic Poems

    Free - that is how my poetry makes me feel.
    Reconcile my thoughts and weave a tapestry in lines.
    Exceed my expectations and make people smile is my goal.
    Expertise - I plan to develop through practice.

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  • Love Throughout Time

    • Published: February 8, 2019

    in Relationship Poems

    Time is like the wind,
    Slow and smooth.
    Time can change swiftly,
    Fast and fierce.

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