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I have found that there is a certain freedom in writing poetry, a way to express my emotions through an avenue which I didn't consider at first. Now I strive to enhance my poetry in anyway, although I don't think i'm going to become great at it immediately, there will be quite a few "flops". Please, if you have any constructive criticism I would be happy to hear it.
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    Poems by VayneMourne

  • It's Strange Inside

    • pending
    • Posted on 10/30/20
    Losing Sight Of Yourself

    in Meaningful Poems

    It's strange inside my head
    I travel there in my silence
    Burdened is my mental home
    My existence in the balance

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  • Freedom In The Flow

    • Published: April 2019
    Freedom Acrostic Poem

    in Acrostic Poems

    Free - that is how my poetry makes me feel.
    Reconcile my thoughts and weave a tapestry in lines.
    Exceed my expectations and make people smile is my goal.
    Expertise - I plan to develop through practice.


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  • Love Throughout Time

    • Published: February 2019

    in Relationship Poems

    Time is like the wind,
    Slow and smooth.
    Time can change swiftly,
    Fast and fierce.


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