Relationship Poem

I write what my heart tells me to and the way it tells me to write. I originally wrote this poem for my girlfriend at our 10-month milestone in our relationship, and I've decided that this poem could be relatable to others, and I want to share it with the world. Maybe one day someone will pass it on to a loved one completing the symbol of love through time.

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Love Throughout Time

Jacob L Watkins © more by Jacob L Watkins

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2019 with permission of the Author.

Time is like the wind,
Slow and smooth.
Time can change swiftly,
Fast and fierce.

Time is like wine,
Sweet and refined.
Time can be hard to get past,
Bitter and rough.

Time is like a butterfly,
Gentle and beautiful.
Time can flutter by,
Graceful and memorable.

Time is like our love,
Sturdy and never changing.
Time can persevere,
Forever and always.



I have found that there is a certain freedom in writing poetry, a way to express my emotions through an avenue which I didn't consider at first. Now I strive to enhance my poetry in anyway, although I don't think i'm going to become great at it immediately, there will be quite a few "flops". Please, if you have any...

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