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    Poems by Jacquelyn Upton

  • I'll Never Forget

    • pending
    • Posted on 04/05/12

    in Lost Love Poems

    I'll never forget the first time you seen me cry
    As you held me close and told me it would be alright
    Do you even remember why?

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  • Would You

    • pending
    • Posted on 11/02/10

    in Hurting Poems

    What can I say to you to let you know I'm telling the truth?
    What are the right words for you to hear to make you believe me?

    Years have passed since last we spoke, but the same thoughts are there....

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  • Escape

    • Published: June 2008
    Escape May Be Deadly

    in Fear Poems by Teens

    Trees, trees, trees
    Branches, sticks, leaves
    Whipping, gashing, slashing at my arms
    I can't get away no matter how fast I run...


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    What a beautiful poem, one that so many of us can relate to, especially when "relating to" anyone or anything seems like an impossibility. Fabulous ending. Well done!

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  • You Said

    • Published: May 2010

    in Mourning Poems

    "You Said..."

    You said you would always be here for me
    But you left as soon as God came calling...


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    My mother left me when I was 13. It broke my heart. She was the guiding factor in my life and then...she was gone. I still mourn her, and it had been 16 years.

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  • I Want To

    • Published: December 2009

    in Hurting Poems

    I want to write about how you make me feel
    How every time I see your face I know that you're real
    I can't describe the feeling you always raise in me
    I can't describe this wash of happiness that you seem to bring...


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    I like someone but I think he doesn't like me because I know he likes my best friend so what can I do? I can't think about that. If he knows about this he will think I am mad. So what can I...

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