Mourning Poem

I wrote this after the loss of my grandmother. She suffered many years with cancer until it finally took her away.

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You Said

© Jacquelyn Upton more by Jacquelyn Upton

Published on May 2010

"You Said..."

You said you would always be here for me
But you left as soon as God came calling
You said you would be there the day I graduate
And that I would hear you scream my name as I went by
But you left before I could say otherwise
And I looked down into a full but empty crowd
Lost to the world wishing you were here

You said that you would look down upon me
Cast the rays of the sun onto all my dreams
But I haven't felt them yet
I linger in the darkness with tears still unwept
You said that I would be able to hear you whisper in the wind
I feel the breeze and watch the ruffled leaves play
But I have yet to hear what you have to say

You told me so many things to help get over the loss of you
But nothing is working, I long to have you by my side
To cuddle in your arms and hide
I long to hear you laugh again
And to see that smile spread across your face
Remembering past times; that's my favorite place

I don't see why He needed you
Others have fought it, made it, those that gave up made it too
Since you're up there you tell me why he needed you
And you tell me why everything you said would happen isn't true
I just want to know, so the next time I'm crying on the floor
I can stop looking up angry, repeating what you said you swore-



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