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    Poems by Jessica Shaw

  • What Is A Sister?

    • Published: May 2008
    A Sister Is Many Things Poem

    in Sister Poems

    A sister is someone special to me.
    A sister is someone to fight with.
    A sister is someone to cry with.
    A sister can sometimes understand you better than anyone else can.


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  • What Is A Grandpa?

    • Published: May 2008

    in Grandfather Poems

    What is a Grandpa?

    A grandpa is a father; a grandpa is a son.
    A grandpa is a husband; all grandpas are loved....


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    I just lost my grandpa a week before last, he passed in his sleep two days before my birthday. I was very close to him, he was my best friend and like a dad to me. But he's in heaven with my...

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