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    Poems by Jillian Baker

  • Thank You

    • Published: July 2012
    Thank You Aunt Poem

    in Aunt Poems

    I'm sitting here in your living room,
    Listening to your stories about your experiences,
    Just from listening to those stories about the boat and the water I know...
    You're protective, you would do anything to save a life of a loved one.


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  • And I'm The Girl

    • Published: June 2011
    Feeling Lonely Poem

    in Alone Poems

    I'm the girl who hides behind a smile every day.
    I'm the girl who has a tough exterior,
    But that's not who I really am.
    I'm the girl who has a lot of problems


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    It feels that it was written for me. With an exterior as tough as a man showing no feelings, I am a girl who gets scared in the night due to a nightmare or does something out of cuteness. But...

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