Climate Change Poems

Published: September 2019

Poems About Climate Change Awareness

Climate change is a hot topic in the world today. This collection of poems brings attention to the way humans are treating the Earth, and the poets implore people to turn an eye toward the destruction that humans are causing to our planet and make changes.

14 Poems About Climate Change Awareness

  1. 1. Mother Earth

    • By Sophia E. Valdez
    • Published by Family Friend Poems October 2019 with permission of the Author.

    I wrote this because of all the climate changes I've heard about on the news. In my short lifetime our world has changed immensely, and I feel very passionate about having people realize our footprint.

    in Environment Poems

    The land is in a constant state of birth,
    Giving life to all who live on Earth.
    Our carelessness and fears
    Have taken a toll over the years.
    Her land is parched and scorched
    As man continues to light the torch.
    We continue a want of speed and ease,
    All while our pesticides kill off our bees.
    It's time to wake up and see Mother Earth's pain.
    Humanity's selfishness is becoming insane.
    Soon her cries will turn to gloom,
    And man will cause its own doom.

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    Good write. It's so sad that we don't realize what we have and are doing to our own home.

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  2. 2. Warned

    • By Sylvia Stults
    • Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015 with permission of the Author.

    Our world only has so many resources. They are limited, yet men abuse them....soon there will be nothing left to abuse...then what?

    in Environment Poems

    The sands of time have rendered fear
    Blue skies on high no longer clear
    Stars were bright whence they came
    Now dimmed, obscured, pollution's haze

    Crystal clear our waters gleamed
    Fish abundant, rivers streamed
    Ocean floors sandy white
    Now littered, brown, pollution's plight

    Trees towered high above
    Trunks baring professed love
    Birds chirping from sites unseen
    Gone, paper joined pollution's team

    One can't blame pollution alone
    As they say, you reap what you've sown
    So let us plant a better seed
    Tear out old roots, cultivate, weed

    Protect what has been given for free
    Our waters, skies, wildlife and trees
    For once they're gone, don't you say
    Consider yourself warned of that fatal day

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    Environmental pollution is a global issue, and hence it has entered into world of poetry. Poets have unique ability to express to communicate with their audience more effectively than anyone...

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  4. 3. Awareness About Our Environment

    • By Sylvia Stults
    • Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

    The world is a beautiful place...or is it?

    in Environment Poems

    Broken bottles and charred pieces of glass,
    Wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass,
    Pouring of concrete and tearing out trees.
    This is the environment that surrounds me?

    Poisons and insecticides sprayed on our food,
    Oceans filling with thick oil crude.
    All sea life destined to a slow, awful doom.
    These are the things we are to consume?

    Mills pumping out iron, expelling yellow fumes,
    Airlines emitting caustic gases from fuels,
    Weapons of destruction tested at desolate sites.
    And this is the air that's to sustain life?

    There has to be something that someone can do,
    Like raise the awareness to those around you
    That if we don't heed the problem at hand
    It's your life that's at stake, the destruction of man.

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    Good message. And to think there are some who are planning to inhabit other planets. Haven't we done enough damage to this one?

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  5. 4. Our Mother Earth

    • By Joshua Isham
    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

    This was brought on a few years ago in the midst of constant cries from activist groups to pay attention to the way we treat this earth that we live on.

    in Environment Poems

    This Mother Earth,
    Who gives us life;
    This Mother Earth,
    Heart filled with strife,

    We love her not,
    Though love we should;
    Her death we plot,
    For life's "own good;"

    She gave us air, and food, and home.
    That's not enough we humans scream;
    With greedy lust, our mouths do foam,
    With evil hopes, our eyes do gleam;

    Her air we fill
    With smoke and death;
    Ourselves we kill,
    For lack of breath;

    The sea once clean,
    Now choked with waste;
    To drink, we fear,
    Will death make haste;

    The soil once pure
    And full of life,
    Now barren sand
    Of farmers' strife;

    No longer she
    Can stand our "love;"
    Now we must flee
    Like scattered dove;

    She gave us all,
    Unto the end;
    Now we appalled,
    Our lives defend.

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    This is really a very heart touching poem. After reading this poem we realize that what the Mother Earth has given us is the best and we should preserve it full-heartedly. This poem gives a...

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  7. 5. Nature's Law

    • By Pistol
    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015 with permission of the Author.

    The only poem I have ever written. I'm scared of what the world is becoming.

    in Environment Poems

    The waves are rolling toward the shore.

    A silent world - an empty core.
    Lifeless land with nothing more.
    The waves are crashing on the shore.

    The fabled beast - a mighty roar,
    Extinction men choose to ignore,
    And the waves are breaking at the shore.

    A new beginning, our fathers - fore,
    Human nature set to explore.
    The waves are lapping at the shore.

    Seven seas sailed, in the skies we soar.
    Kingdoms conquered, blood they pour.
    Crimson waves rest on the shore.

    A fractured earth, relations sore.
    A greed that breaks our natural core,
    And the waves are turning on the shore.

    Gluttonous rage,
    We lust for more,
    And the waves are monsters on the shore.

    The tides are turning.
    The land is raw.
    Time to face our nature's law.

    And the waves are rolling toward the shore,
    And the waves are rolling toward the shore,
    And the waves are rolling toward the shore...
    Forever more.

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    This is a poem that opens our eyes to the negative impact of pollution. A reminder to the world to preserve the Earth's natural endowment.

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  8. 6. Can Earth Be Earth?

    • By Garvit
    • Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008 with permission of the Author.

    A free verse poem that uses imagery to paint a picture of a planet without life because we have finally destroyed our Earth.

    in Earth Poems

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Can earth be Earth when all its trees are gone,
    And sudsy waters have become unfit,
    And poisoned life no longer greets the dawn
    With raucous sounds that death has caused to quit?
    Will trees no longer wave, with limbs unfurled,
    On hapless earth, that ever in orbit roams?
    Will human ego sacrifice the world
    To satiate its lust for pompous homes?
    Will distant space look down on orb that's bald.
    I now can hear the mother say,
    "I was once called Earth.
    But now, bereft of mirth, I weep.
    That treeless orb's no longer Earth."

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    This poem made me feel like I can once more cry for our poor Earth. Why do we have to do what we do? And to our surprise, tigers, wolves, mountain lions, and many other predators are blamed...

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  9. 7. Mother Earth

    • By Dave Mottram
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2019 with permission of the Author.

    I was inspired to write this poem after a period of sadness and concern about the way the Earth and its ecosystems were being devastated around the globe, with wars, deforestation and pollution, and I wrote it in the hope that one day human beings could see the error of their ways and try to repair the damage that has already ensued.

    in Environment Poems

    Our Earth is beautiful as viewed from the sky.
    But wait! Is Mother about to cry?
    This blue planet shakes and trembles and sheds its tears
    As it feels the wars and the pain of its tenants' fears.
    It's the human ones causing the destruction.
    Of all that Mother put into production,
    Millions of eons shifting lands to and fro,
    Forming mountains and valleys and waters that flow,
    Habitats grown to nurture all her children
    Are destroyed by the greed of human evolution.
    Has the Mother taken all that she can?
    Is she objecting to the iniquities of man?
    How many cuts and incisions can she take?
    As species land and forests disappear in man's wake,
    She gives her warnings as the elements explode,
    Showing how vulnerable humans are in their humble abodes.
    Catastrophes are spreading across the globe.
    How much worse will they become? No one knows.
    The Mother is angry, and she has just begun
    To vent her fury as she converses with her sun,
    So beware, human ones, and heed Mother's actions.
    Let not complacency and avarice become your distractions.
    Has the Mother not provided all that you need?
    Yet you repay her with ignorance and contempt as you feed,
    So open your eyes, human ones, and respect Mother's love,
    For this is Mother Earth given to us from above.

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  10. 8. Make It Green

    • By Mrs. Avani Desai
    • Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

    There is a competition in my son's school for poetry reciting. The topic is "Save Our Mother Earth." I did not have any poem, and my internet was not working, so I started writing this poem, and the result is what you are reading.

    in Earth Poems

    Lives are crying because it's not clean.
    Earth is dying because it's not green...

    Earth is our dear Mother; don't pollute it.
    She gives us food and shelter; just salute it...

    With Global Warming, it's in danger.
    Let's save it by becoming a strong ranger...

    With dying trees and animals, it's in sorrow.
    Make green today and green tomorrow...

    With melting snow, one day it will sink.
    How can we save it? Just think...

    Trees are precious, preserve them.
    Water is a treasure, reserve it...

    Grow more trees; make Mother Earth green.
    Reduce pollution and make her a Queen...

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    I just loved this poem so much that when I was reading it I got inspired to start writing poems. I will tell you I just hated poems, so you probably wonder why I would read a poem. Actually,...

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  11. 9. Mother Nature

    Always the quiet one in any crowd, yet always thinking. After the unexpected death of my husband, I found that writing down my thoughts helped me deal with my life. Somehow it usually came out in poetic form. My little poems have been my therapist, friend, and inspiration. Perhaps someone else will derive pleasure or help from them as well.

    Mankind can be so arrogant and careless. This poem reminds us to care for our Earth or pay the price.

    in Environment Poems

    Our world is always changing,
    Constantly rearranging.
    From ocean depths to mountain peaks,
    Mother Nature moves and speaks.
    While telling stories of our past,
    She tries to teach us how to last.
    Mankind, so smart, sometimes blind,
    Leaves common sense far behind.
    We're moving fast and living large,
    Forgetting Mother Nature's in charge.
    Amazed when she rings our bell,
    Sending us through living hell.
    She can twist our steel, shake any city.
    If her wrath you feel, we shall pity.
    Yet some who speak on her behalf,
    I fear just seek the golden calf.
    It's true, we must treat her right.
    Or we will incur a deadly plight.
    Treat her with distinction
    Or surely face extinction!

    Mother Nature

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    A stern warning by the poet that we all need to respond to and act accordingly.

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  12. 10. Look Outside

    • By Josie Greveling
    • Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008 with permission of the Author.

    A poem about preventing pollution and climate change written by an 11-year-old who loves this world.

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    Look outside, see the trees.
    Watch the flowers in the breeze.
    Things won't be like this in a year or two
    If polluting is all we do.
    Seize the night,
    Seize the day.
    Things won't always be this way.
    Thousands of people are dying.
    In the night, you hear children crying.
    Let's stop the war.
    Our people are sore.
    The world can't help itself.
    Who cares about your wealth?
    Help me to help you.
    Show the world what you can do.

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    I'm a college student who found your poem almost 10 years later. I am using it for my literacy analysis paper for an Intro to Literature class! If you ever come back here, just know your poem...

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  13. 11. Why, Mankind, Why?

    • By Christopher Ndubuisi
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

    Christopher Ndubuisi is an environmental enthusiast and a climate change technical officer in a public authority.
    I believe our war against climate change has to be waged from several sectors; technically, religiously, educationally, poetically...just to mention a few.
    I like to send my message to people in different ways for them to appreciate the war we are waging...the war against environmental insanity!
    Christopher Ndubuisi,
    Climate Change Technical Officer,
    Peterborough City Council

    in Earth Poems

    Mankind! Long before your birth,
    alluring was the beauty of Mother Earth.
    She bore living things of all kinds...plants and insects, animals and birds.
    All, an exotic reflection of her biodiversity,
    A diversity you have chosen to destroy!

    Mankind! Onto the face of the earth you strolled in,
    bringing up the rear in all her children.
    You were meant to be the pride of all creation,
    but you chose to be the bane of life by bringing destruction.

    Mankind! To all life, Mother Earth has been so kind!
    Like the mother hen she nurtured her little chicks with affection,
    as she toiled to provide food season after season with dedication.
    Even to you Mankind, she gave the best in proportion
    Only to be sentenced by your actions in damnation!

    Mankind! You were created to walk but you chose to walk and fly!
    If only you flew like a bird, it might just have been perfect.
    But No! You fly in all sorts exuding all sorts.
    Now Mother Earth is filled with all sorts because you choose to ride in all sorts.

    Mankind! You have an insatiable desire to acquire.
    You plunder the earth with impunity,
    Oil, coal and iron you chase in disunity,
    fighting even your own kind for control and quantity
    just to live a life of environmental insanity!

    Mankind! Perhaps you have forgotten so soon!
    The La Nina drought of 2000, the heat wave in Europe in 2003,
    the tragedy of the cyclone in Myanmar in 2008, the constant melting of polar ice caps,
    all a consequence of your actions and inactions!
    You leave the problems for tomorrow's generation
    running away for your present tribulation.

    Mankind! When will you repent of your evil ways?
    When will you stop biting the hands that have fed you?
    When will you love mother earth like she loves you...?
    And stop writing her dirge with your actions?
    Mother earth looks upon you with her painful eyes
    Sobbing and asking you why...

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    You are totally right why do we do this. Life's greatest mystery. I love your poem. Sincerely me

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  14. 12. The Changing Earth

    • By Michael A. Lopez
    • Published by Family Friend Poems October 2019 with permission of the Author.

    My name is Michael Lopez. I am 16 years old and live in Puerto Rico. The poem I wrote is about the problems that man-induced climate change is causing to Earth. Our world is changing in a fast pace, but we need to work together to preserve the Earth.

    in Environment Poems

    Earth is a beautiful place,
    a place we live every day.
    We should have the grace
    to make sure it doesn't go away.

    Climate change is a problem we face,
    and it's something we should not forget.
    Our world is changing in a fast pace,
    and a solution to this we have to get.

    Endangered species are becoming extinct.
    Temperatures are rising every day.
    Rivers are becoming desert valleys,
    but this shouldn't lead us into dismay.

    The ice caps are melting down,
    causing sea levels to get higher.
    Precipitation patterns are changing,
    and it's making the deserts drier.

    God gave us this sacred place,
    and we cannot take it for granted.
    One day we will run out of space,
    and the Earth we know will cease to exist.

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  15. 13. Nature Speaks

    • By Dionie B. Fernandez
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2019 with permission of the Author.

    I love nature. As I marvel at its beauty, I am reminded of my responsibility to care for it.

    in Environment Poems

    Nature paints the waters blue and the mountains green,
    As the music of swaying trees and roaming beasts reign.
    Touching human hearts in breathtakingly amazing scenes.
    Under the blue sky, God's unconditional love is evidently seen.
    Rivers of teeming fish, lands of abundant fruits and grains, 
    Engulfed by a pair of Mother Earth's caring hands, our haven.   

    Storms, quakes, climate change and other ecological villains,
    Pilfered and plundered the nature's wealth and magnificence.
    Envious hearts and ambitious minds have also brought change,
    Afflicting Mother Earth in every technological advancement. 
    Keep an eye; take heed that something is wrong with our planet,
    Start with a promise to care for Mother Earth before it's too late!

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  16. 14. In The Whirlwind Of Destruction

    • By Surbhi
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 22, 2022 with permission of the Author.

    This is the raw, unedited version of the first and the only poem I had ever written. Considering that I'm no writer, I loved the way this turned out, and hopefully it will pave the way to a new journey.

    in Environment Poems

    The temperature is fluctuating,
    She could feel.
    The scars are intensifying
    and so is Her incapability to heal.

    To rejuvenate feels tiresome
    as they exploit Her to the maximum
    While they prosper
    And leave Her struggling
    With bare minimum.

    The wide, abundant ocean,
    Which hides an assortment of things exotic,
    Is now trashed with wastes, causing commotion
    Among those aquatic.

    The smog clings to Her,
    Leading to her ineludible destruction.
    Despite this, She strains
    For the survival of every human.

    The chemicals cut through Her core
    Like knives.
    How is life supposed to carry on
    When they rage war against
    What keeps them alive
    And helps them thrive?

    Seeing Her own people demolish
    And disfigure her features
    Saddens Her with a grief enormous
    But a flame courses through her,
    Wanting recompense from these ungrateful creatures.

    She lets the fire fuel Her
    And unfurls it from within Her.
    Settlements are razed to the ground
    While they are compelled to flee their compound.

    She thrashes Her arms around
    Letting the sea out of its confines
    And submerge the cities renown;
    Death tolls and devastation make the headlines.

    Dried up ground under their feet,
    Blazing sun taunting with its heat.
    Their eyes stare ahead
    At the stumps that they once behead.

    "Global warming," one says
    "Sea level's rising," another follows
    "So what's the solution?" others query.
    Opinions put forth, agreements are signed,
    Responsibilities for change are assigned.

    But as the race for dominance arise
    Responsibilities to environment are set aside
    Resources are used to its fullest
    Technology is upgraded to its best.

    And so is pollution, as it prevails
    More persistently
    And environment derails
    More consistently.

    War against nature is a battle
    Already lost.
    The nature fights back with ire,
    The cost
    Of which would be dire.
    Let's own up to our mistakes
    And join hands 'cause higher are the stakes
    When it involves precious lives in line.

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