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About Jim Hollingsworth

I am investing myself in time and leaving something for future generations. I hope that someone who now is in the future might be inspired by my poems. This is my way of giving back to the world that has given me the things which I have needed in life. I am a simple man and have not much to say about myself, but maybe the poems will reveal things of myself to others. I am like Mark Twain. Someone asked him, "what do you think about the bible" ... he paused for a moment and said, "I can sum the bible up in two words, be good".
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    Poems by Jim Hollingsworth

  • Lay Me Down

    The desire to be with one's family, friends, and wife after they have passed and the preception of the end of one's life in a very good way. Wanting to be with all in heaven and feel the warm embrace of all for their life on earth almost done.

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    • Posted on 11/17/20

    in Meaningful Poems

    Lay me down in blissful sleep, lay me down, and do not weep.
    Lay me down in a field of green, lay me down, and let me dream.
    Lay me down under the sky of blue, lay me down next to you.
    Lay me down my soul to rest, lay me down with a gentle kiss.

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  • My Penny

    • Published: July 2020

    in Inspiring Poems for Kids

    I found a penny upon the walk.
    A rich boy I am...that was my thought.

    The things I can buy at the store...


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    A wonderful poem to teach children about kindness and generosity.
    "A penny in a pocket's worth more than a grand,
    when it's placed inside someone's needing hand."

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  • Trees

    • Published: April 2020

    in Environment Poems

    The timbered giants stand oh-so tall,
    and that makes me feel so very, very small.

    Their shadows dance from winds that blow.


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  • Sound Of Storm

    • Published: March 2020

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    The clouds above are gray and dark.
    With sound of thunder, lighten spark.

    Rain that falls to earthly ground.


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