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    Poems by Kindall Perez

  • It

    • Published: October 2009

    in Fear Poems

    I'm running out of breath.
    I can't believe it's so hard to breathe.
    My heart's pounding in my chest
    As I wonder if IT found me.


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    This is so special because I was scared to death of coming out to my family as gay for years. Then one day, I looked myself in the eyes and saw the fear leave my body. It was indeed a very...

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  • Friend Died At Young Age

    • Published: April 2008

    in Loss of a Friend Poems

    You left at such a young age.
    We had so much to do in such little time,
    But now that you died, my world has collapsed.
    The day you slipped from me was the day


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    Thank you, this poem really touched me. My friend died last year of sickle cell and she was only 11. I grew up with her, we went to primary school together and we had only started secondary...

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