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One of my closest friend passed away and she was only 16.

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Thank you, this poem really touched me. My friend died last year of sickle cell and she was only 11. I grew up with her, we went to primary school together and we had only started secondary...

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Friend Died At Young Age

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008 with permission of the Author.

You left at such a young age.
We had so much to do in such little time,
But now that you died, my world has collapsed.
The day you slipped from me was the day
I slipped from myself.
Since you've been gone,
Nothing has been the same.
I've been locked down in these chains
Like a hallow tree stuck in the ground
And can never be free.
You left without a sound
And left me there to drown.
My pillow was all warm and wet.
I couldn't believe you left.
Now you're gone forever
While I'm stuck in this world of hate
With a heart full of pain.
I wish everything could change
So I could have you here with me,
Instead of you being so far away
Because this isn't fair
That you left at such a young age.


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  • Ekeoma Ndukwe by Ekeoma Ndukwe
  • 2 years ago

Thank you, this poem really touched me. My friend died last year of sickle cell and she was only 11. I grew up with her, we went to primary school together and we had only started secondary school. I still remember the exact date that I found out she was gone, 2nd March 2020. Out of all the loved ones that I have lost, she affected me the most. I just find it hard to imagine someone dying at such a young age.

  • Ashley M. Burghdoff by Ashley M. Burghdoff, East Leroy
  • 2 years ago

I'm so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

  • Aramis by Aramis
  • 3 years ago

Thank you for your poem. My friend passed when he was 16, on January 10, 2010. He was murdered. I'll never forget him. And while I remember his death, it's harder to remember the memories as we get older.

  • Charlotte Elizabeth by Charlotte Elizabeth
  • 7 years ago

On the 19th of June 2016 I lost a friend of mine in a tragic accident. He was only 27, for me that's too young. My friend was an up and coming actor. His smile lit up any room he was in, his laugh was infectious and his personality was so bubbly and happy. My friend was a charming gentleman who though I never met in person, I spoke to on countless occasions and even though I have only known him since I was 13 and although those 3 short years weren't enough, he still taught me to accept myself and be happy as I am. Anton Yelchin was recently in the news due to his shocking, heart wrenching untimely death enfolding his own car. Anton was my friend, a man dedicated to his job and his friends and family, he became my friend due to my cousins friendship and for the I time I've had with him I'm glad to call him my friend too. This poem says exactly what I feel. So Anton, Ant ????????? ???? ??? ???? ...????? ?????, Goodnight my friend, sleep well.

  • J-Dog NY by J-Dog NY
  • 8 years ago

I lost my friend at 12, I was 13. It's painful, it really is. He was bike riding when a truck came over a hill, swerved, and hurt him horribly. 5 hours later, the doctors gave up hope and he was lost to us. RIP "Marlin." After crying I noticed that he will be so much happier where he is, I just wished he could live to see what he should've...

  • Christine by Christine, Oklahoma
  • 9 years ago

I lost a really good friend she was 16 at that time she was riding in a car when there where a drinker driver behind the wheel of the car they flip hit the telephone poll and all 4 of them got ejected from the car she died on impact and 3 was still alive.

  • Amy by Amy, London
  • 10 years ago

I know exactly how you feel, I'm sorry you lost a friend at such a young age I am 16 and one of my best friends died 2 years ago when I was 14 It was the most difficult death I have ever had to face and I see her everywhere I go and 5 months after her death her older brother died aged 23. It was horrible and this poem captures my emotions truthfully xx p.s. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Allyssa by Allyssa, Ontario
  • 11 years ago

I am so sorry that you lost your friend. I know how you feel. My best friend Jessica was 14 when she left me. This wasn't too long ago. I'm still depressed about it. I miss her so much and there has not been one day that went by that I didn't think of her. I am so sorry for your loss. But remember that she will always be watching over you and would probably not want you to be sad but live your life how you were living it before this tragedy.

  • Missy by Missy, California
  • 13 years ago

I understand how it feels to lose a friend at such a young age. My best friend died at 12 and I felt horrible and depressed. I don't think you will ever forget her just like I will never forget my friend but it does get a little better with time. Hope you the best. Good luck.

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