Lauren Bowman

Lauren Bowman

About Lauren Bowman

Lauren Bowman is a 33-year-old writer born and raised in north Florida, USA. After receiving a minor in Creative Writing from Florida State University, Lauren focused more on short stories, essays, and technical writing until, feeling the need to better understand who she was, where she was going, and what she wanted from life, she began to explore the power of poetry.

Her debut collection of poetry and prose, The Evolution of a Girl, was born from this period of exploration, growth and discontent that so many of us face while attempting to understand where we fit into this world. Lauren’s writing is blunt, bold, and speaks with raw honesty about her personal struggles with relationships, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Lauren’s work seeks to encourage others to learn from and rise above their own difficulties and doubts, and to find a place of reflection, empowerment, and acceptance.

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