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When You Cross My Mind

© more by Lauren Bowman

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2021 with permission of the Author.

When you cross my mind,
my stomach no longer crisscrosses itself.

When that song comes on,
my heart no longer beats to its rhythm.

When I walk down our street,
my hands no longer feel empty without yours in them.

But you’re always on my mind,
and I play that song on repeat,
and my feet always seem to take me straight
to that street.


Lauren Bowman is a 33-year-old writer born and raised in north Florida, USA. Her debut collection of poetry and prose, The Evolution of a Girl, was born from a period of exploration, growth and discontent that so many of us face while attempting to understand where we fit into this world. Lauren’s writing is blunt, bold, and speaks with raw honesty about her personal struggles with relationships, self-acceptance, and self-love.


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