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Madalina Coman

About Madalina Coman

Madalina is an author, a mother and a mental health advocate. At the moment, Madalina is working as an associate marriage and family therapist in Northern California. She has recently graduated with a Master degree in Counseling Psychology and is preparing to apply to Doctoral Programs; she especially enjoys working with patients who have experienced grief and loss in their lives. Through her work, Madalina aims to educate, empower, destigmatize and provide hope for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and other mental illnesses.

Madalina has written two collections of poetry, poetic prose and romantic quotes: Words Unspoken and Unforgettable and is planning on releasing a third collection titled Bloom Into Yourself in 2020. She writes with openness, honesty and vulnerability in hopes that her words will be able to normalize her readers' experiences and offer validation that no one is truly alone in their struggles.

When she is not writing or doing therapy, Madalina enjoys getting lost in morning conversations with her husband over his delicious coffee, spending time in nature with her children, planning family vacations to new places she would like to explore, cuddling her cats or reading Cummings. 

    Poems by Madalina Coman

  • You're Worthy And You Matter

    • Published: November 2020

    in Meaningful Poems

    You weren’t born
    to lose yourself
    within this darkness.


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    I love this poem. It really hit home. Often times, I forget that I am worthy too. I matter just as much as the next person. I lose myself in the darkness often. But, when I read this poem, I...

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  • The Terrifying Thing About Love

    • Published: September 2020

    in Short Poems

    It is a terrifying thing
    to watch love
    walk in your direction
    when you believe


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    Very well written and, in my opinion, very true. I like it and agree totally with it.

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