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Mary Bone

About Mary Bone

Mary Bone has been writing poetry since the age of twelve. Her poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today Magazine, Literary Yard, Poetry Pacific, Spillwords, Whispers in the Wind, The upcoming Fall issue of the Homestead Review and numerous other publications. Mary has written two books of poetry and is working on a third book.
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    Poems by Mary Bone

  • Summer

    • Published: August 2019

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    Sitting outside
    Under a tree
    Mud pies and water
    Making memories


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  • Road To Nowhere

    • Published: June 2019

    in Courage Poems

    I like to blaze new trails
    on the road to nowhere.
    On a journey through time,
    there are new vistas to behold


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  • Summer Fun

    • Published: May 2019

    in Poems for Kids

    The children on the block
    Are playing with chalk.
    Bubbles are flying around,
    Popping when they hit the ground.


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    Featured Shared Story

    This is the best poem because I have summer stuff planned for me and my friends and it make me excited. Thank you for the poem.

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  • Mary Bone
  • 5 years ago

Thank you for your kind words, Alexis. I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled summer!

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