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    Poems by remy1lookme

  • Foreseeable Truth

    • Published: November 2010

    in Meaningful Poems

    I live in most, if not all, children.
    Many teenagers neglect me, and usually all adults lose sight of me!
    I'm constantly overshadowed by greed, and hatred.
    The media waste no time to advertise my enemies....


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  • Writing Utensil

    • Published: November 2010

    in Cute Poems

    I marvel my pencil.
    My special, long, wooden utensil.
    I just can't keep my hands from it.
    I got him from a friend, and we've been inseparable since....


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  • Keep Going

    • Published: November 2010

    in Poems about Teen Life

    Hope can be lost, faith can die.
    Friends can betray you, and family can lie.
    Names can be forgotten, but never faces.
    Infatuation can be fun, but love always wins the races...


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  • remy1lookme
  • 11 years ago

Wow, this truly, and unexpectedly caught me by my heart! I'm 14, and well, I was raped when I was 9 by my stepfather, he'd been touching me for a while, but that time was very different. It hurt, and I told my mom about every time that it occurred, but she neglected the situation stating that "he just has a problem, it'll stop", I told my biological father, and I'm in the middle of a huge mess right now, your poem is a blessed one!

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