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Poems about Victims of Child Abuse

When a child is a victim of abuse by a member of their family, their world has changed forever. They may have loved their abuser and the abuser has turned the relationship into something sadistic and cruel. The victim of abuse is likely to feel very confused. How can they sort out the feelings of affection that they have for their abuser with the sick and disgusting act that was done to them. Feelings that result from abuse should not be buried away. As painful as it is, victims must talk about their experience and share their pain with others. Finding meaning in suffering is the road to healing.

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U.S. and Canada, National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD
International Sexual Assault Resources
U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
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Poems about Abused Children

Broken Smile

Smartest, hottest, most popular girl
She flashes a smile that would make your vision swirl
Silky brown hair down to her waist
Everyone she meets, she will embrace
Such a perfect girl with a warm, kind heart
No one knows the secrets that tears her apart

Perfect tan skin that never ceases to amuse
Choosing clothes that will hide the bruises
Strutting down the halls with unbeatable grace
No one knows the torture she has to face
She watched the clock with a sad, broken face
As soon someone approaches, the smile is back in place

When she comes home, it is impossible to smile
He breaks her body and spirit in such a violent style
She arrives home, desperately hoping he wasn't there
As he calls her from his room, her eyes fills with despair
Her eyes start watering, knowing what is to come
Just imagining the bloody mess she was to become

Her body shaking, she heads up the stairs
Hoping God will answer her prayers
She starts stripping her clothes along the way
Again, not knowing if it was her last day
She reaches his room, not daring to look in his eyes
Silently crying, as he runs his hands up her thighs

He lays her down and the painful sting returns
No matter how many times it happens, it still burns
It continues for hours, then it comes to an end
She wakes up the next morning, sore, ready to pretend
That she is perfect, that she is okay
Putting on makeup and shutting the pain away

She fixes herself and looks in the mirror
"That's not me", the thought becomes clearer
Her trademark smile is in perfect place
The sadness is blocked away from her face
She feels she could collapse under the strain
She heads out the door, repeating the cycle again

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