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    Poems by Sarah R.Ramsey

  • Waiting For My Daddy

    • Published: August 2009

    in Abandonment Poems by Teens

    I sat there and waited
    Never left the porch
    But you never showed
    It's like you burned my heart with a torch...


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    I was 3 or 4 when my daddy left me. Just my mommy by my side. I wondered why he left me. My mommy said I may never know. As I got older I found out more things. I still ask myself why he left...

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  • Broken

    • Published: April 2008
    Poem About Father Breaking Daughter's Spirit

    in Dad Poems by Teens

    You broke my trust for you
    Just as you broke your promises.
    You broke my love for you
    Just as you can break a twig.


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    I can relate. My Dad is an alcoholic and he has crushed my heart. He has broken me beyond repair.

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