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    Poems by Taylor

  • Gone In A Flash

    • Published: December 2015
    If Only I Had Known

    in Death Poems by Teens

    If only I had known
    it would be the last time I heard your voice,
    I would have kept you up just a little bit longer.


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    This is the simplest, the most powerful, the most beautiful, and the most heartbreaking poem I have ever read. I feel for you. I read this and I thought, "Oh my God." I am on the verge of...

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  • Walk Away...

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/09/14
    The Way I Let You

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    Can't you see?
    Ever since the day you left me,
    I regret letting you walk away so easily...
    I should have fought, Should have argued.

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  • A Better Place

    • pending
    • Posted on 10/30/14
    Goodbye Grandpa

    in Grief Poems

    I''m told day upon day
    that your in no more pain.

    I''m told day upon day...

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