Dog Poems

Dog Poems - Poems About Man's Best Friend

Dog Poems - Poems About Man's Best Friend

Fun poems about dogs and poems about dog friendships. Dogs are known as man's best friend and these poems are about the connection between dogs and their owners.

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  1. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems For Binky By Raymond Stewart

    All The Love A Little Dog Could Give

    Today we had to give our beloved dog up for adoption. We tried every friend and family member,...

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  2. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems Dogs Go To Heaven By Megan Osburn

    Poem About Friendship With A Dog

    I am a huge pet lover. My 11 year old Labrador Retriever inspired me to write this poem. He is...

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  3. Funny Poems Cute Poems The Ballad Of Rum By Peter Wolveridge

    Poem About A Loveable Guard Dog

    A story based on a real dog who still watches over our yard in his own way.

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  4. Famous Poems Famous Friendship Poems The Power Of The Dog By Rudyard Kipling

    Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) had a special bond with his dogs. In this poem, he shares that a...

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  5. Famous Poems Famous Sad Poems A Dog Has Died By Pablo Neruda

    Anyone who has ever had and lost a pet will be able to relate to this poem by Pablo Neruda...

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  6. Poems for Children Animal Poems for Kids My Best Friend By Abby Jenkins

    Dog Poem

    My poem was written to describe the joy of my best friend. He, of course, is an animal, but...

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  7. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems Shorty In Peace By Maria Reyes

    Poem About The Death Of My Dog

    My dog Shorty died on May 9, 2014. I've had her since I was 4, and I'm 16 now. The veterinarian...

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  8. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems My Puppy Is A Handful By Ann Davies

    Poem About A Mischievous Puppy

    I had been suffering with depression for some time, so my children decided it would be a good...

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  9. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems Peanut By Molly

    My Little Dog

    All of us have had a pet before and felt the love they give us. Here's my baby's story. Peanut

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  10. Funny Poems Short Funny Poems Doggy Heaven By Larry Huggins

    A funny poem about dogs that might not be appreciated by cat-lovers.

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  11. Poems for Children Animal Poems for Kids Yip-Yip-Woof! By Kristin Frederick

    Chihuahua And A Great Dane

    I was looking through my old poetry book from 6th grade and I found this one. I remember writing...

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  12. Poems for Children Animal Poems for Kids Pet Porta Potty By Kathy J Parenteau

    Keeping Streets Clean From Dog Waste

    This is a cute little poem I wrote for my children when they were young. I hope you enjoy!

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  13. Friendship Poems Pet Friend Poems Where Do All The Good Dogs Go By Larry E. Myers

    Poem For Loss Of A Dog

    Do dogs have a soul and do they go to heaven? Many dog owners and lifelong friends would love to...

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