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Beryl Edmonds

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My interest and love of poetry began at school, when I was fourteen years of age. The class were given the project of writing an anthology of verse, using our own poetry and designing the cover for our book.
I really enjoyed the project and still have the book I made.
Poetry has remained a lifelong hobby, I enjoy reading and writing poems to this very day.

As poets we may not have a stake
in the Hall of Fame
Or not even Poet Laureate
put beside our name
But there's one thing tho' all poets know
that is for certain
Poetry's in the blood since life begun
till close of curtain.

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    Poems by Beryl Edmonds

  • She Held A Dream

    • pending
    • Posted 2 days, 12 hours ago
    Falling In And Out Of Love.

    in Heartbreak Poems

    There was a lady who once held a dream
    She couldn't see that it was all make believe
    That love would fade and be ended so soon
    Disappearing like waning crescent moon.

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  • Ode To Love

    • Published: September 13, 2019
    A Love That Had To Part

    in Moving On Poems

    To everything there's a time and season 
    Time to laugh and to weep for good reason.
    A season for living, to find true love
    And a time to dance with angels above...


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  • Candy Tree Shops

    • Published: August 14, 2019
    Limericks Poems For Kids About Sweets

    in Funny Poems for Kids

    If ice cream could be grown on the tree top,
    Tiny tummies would be liking it lots.
    Any fruit flavour
    For all to savour.


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    Congratulations sister Beryl on winning the summer poetry contest for children. Your win is well deserve A lovely limerick poem from a wonderful lady.

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  • The Anniversary Dance Of Star-Crossed Romance

    • pending
    • Posted on 05/15/19
    Romance, A Galaxy Apart.

    in Long Distance Poems

    There's a tale of two lovers written in the stars
    Punished for giving each other their hearts
    A poor cowherd boy named Altair, fell madly for
    Vega, the humble weaving girl he adored.

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  • Interconnection Of Souls And Poetry

    • Published: April 8, 2019
    Interconnection Acrostic Poem

    in Acrostic Poems

    Inspiration comes from all kinds of things
    Nature in bloom of her blossoming Spring
    The wondrous feeling of a first romance
    Excited yet scared of taking the chance


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    Sis Beryl, such great writing. Superb. Every line is beautiful and flows and rhymes. This acrostic is the greatest as per me. God bless your poetic talent.

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  • Beryl L Edmonds, United Kingdom
  • 2 days ago

Thank you, Sumorsaet. It's good to have the feedback, and I appreciate your comments very much indeed.
Regards, Beryl

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  • Beryl L Edmonds, United Kingdom
  • 4 weeks ago

Edger Guest's poetry at its best, a message of hope for the world to digest...

Stand Your Ground

When life is getting rough and tough
And your heart's in someone's thrall
Face the world with a smile of grace
Never let the teardrops fall
Life's meant to be happy and glad
Not crease your brow with a frown
No one should, only a fool would
Stand your ground!

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  • Beryl L Edmonds, United Kingdom
  • 1 month ago

I'm so grateful for your encouraging comments on this acrostic poem. Thank you, Shayan.

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  • Beryl L Edmonds, United Kingdom
  • 1 month ago

Thank you, Isaiah. I truly appreciate your reading and commenting on this acrostic poem.

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  • Beryl L Edmonds, United Kingdom
  • 3 months ago

I love "I Love You" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. She tells it as it is when young hearts are lit with hearts on fire in the midst of desire. Love is meant to be happy and carefree. Heaven knows in the world there's too much misery. Live and love, love and live. Memories are made of this.

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