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    Poems by Aletta Eva

  • Did You Love Me?

    • Published: March 2009

    in Hurting Poems

    Did you love me?
    You would gently caress your hand across my face,
    Not punch me over and over again begging for you to stop.
    Did you love me?


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  • Aletta Eva
  • 13 years ago

This is so beautiful! That's all I ever wanted in Life congratulations and enjoy Life together! Cheers to Happiness

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  • Aletta Eva
  • 14 years ago

I so hear you sister! You definately know how to write with emotion!

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  • Aletta Eva
  • 14 years ago

Never ever let the evil man back into your life please You deserve so much more!

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  • Aletta Eva
  • 15 years ago

Wonderful poem! I have been there more than once and it is so devastating that a man we love and trust can hurt us so. I understand!

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