Angry Poems about Family

Poems about Anger and Pain

There is nothing more painful than fighting between family members. Whether between parents who are married or divorced, or between siblings, there is nothing more bitter than watching people who once loved each other say painful things to one another. Family member know each other better than anyone. They know each other's vulnerabilities and can hurt each other in the most private and intimate places. So before you say something to a family member, no matter how much you think that they deserve it, remember, the pain of the memory of this encounter will last much longer than the satisfaction of a good one liner.

Poems about Bad Mothers and Bad Fathers


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  1. Always My Father But Never My Dad

    • By Allyssa
    • Published: November 2009
    You Missed Out

    I'm sorry you missed out when I went to school for the first time,
    And you didn't have me tell you that you were all mine.
    I'm sorry you weren't there to take me to the mall,
    And you weren't there to tell me I have to stand tall.

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    I know this poem is from a really long time ago, but I just wanted to tell someone my story...
    I hate my dad. He was never there for me and is a drunk, but I still find myself crying...

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  3. Dear Mom

    • By Krystal A. Bayer
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem By Child Betrayed By His Mother

    Dear Mom,
    You said you'd always be there
    But you're nowhere to be found
    I can't believe you left me...

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    I was 10 years old when my dad left me because he went to jail for drinking and driving. When he got to his home country he found a wife and never told my mom. After that my mom found out....

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  4. My Father Left Me Behind

    • By Jessica Farley
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About a Father Leaving

    Leaving behind others to take your place,
    Carrying on your name, walking around with your face,
    Knowing you got left behind,
    Wondering what's on my father's mind....

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    Since I was born, my dad was really never with my brother and me. He went to work at 6 am and came back at 11 pm. At that time, we would be sleeping, and we left school at 6:30. I was a happy...

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  6. I Needed You

    Not Getting Love From Mother

    When I was sad and depressed,
    I needed you to be cheer me up.
    Instead, I drank till I was numb enough not to feel anything.

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    With my mom I have done everything I can think of to help her and support her. Somehow I am the only child out of 5 that she does not want to spend any time with. I was always there when she...

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  7. How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?

    • By Taryn
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem About Broken Relationship With Mom

    Looking in your eyes
    Tells me something's wrong
    Never began to realize
    You've neglected for so long....

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    I like this poem because when I was around 5 and my brother was 3, my mom and dad divorced and she left. Now she comes to visit every 5 months because she went with her crazy boyfriend who...

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  8. Dear Mom

    • By Katrina Randklev
    • Published: February 2011
    Poem About a Miserable Life

    Standing in self-hatred,
    drowning in my tears.
    Looking back on my life,
    what I've been through the past 18 years....

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    This poem deeply touched me, because I can completely relate to it. I have always lived in my brother's shadow, and most times, I wonder if my mom ever even cares or listens to me. This poem,...

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  10. Tell Me

    Poem About Bad Parents

    Tell me how to love someone
    who doesn't love me back.

    Tell me how to respect someone ...

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    When my mom died, my father, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters treated me if they don't want me in their lives. Then they started to hurt me like lashing me and insulting me, so I start to hurt me by...

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  11. Set Her Free

    • By Nita
    • Published: November 2007
    The Abuse Will Stop

    Why do you do this to her?
    Why do you make her cry and hide her fears so deep inside?
    Is she not beautiful enough or does she not have enough wit or charm?
    Why is that you make her feel like a dog that you have chained to the tree and trained to answer only at your beck and call? ...

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    you seem so hurt by the way you are expressing your emotions. it seems your family hasn't had an easy life and I deeply feel for you and your family. this poem is amazing you should really do...

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  12. Daddy Told Me

    • By Carlee L. Ranger
    • Published: February 2006
    Daddy No Longer Wants His Little Girl Poem

    I was told I was living a lie
    I was told don't bother to cry
    I was told they no longer did care
    I was told I love you, they did not dare...

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    Great story. I always felt like this. But not from my dad. But from my mom. Sorry for the wrong spelling guys. Here, let me fix it:

    Mom - Living Hell

    Much better. :)

  13. Blind

    • By Jack Mcifco
    • Published: July 2008
    I'm Not Like You

    You are blind
    You can never see
    All the anger built up in me
    I hated life...

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    I absolutely love this poem. It touched me like you will never know. My dad and I don't have a good relationship and never really did, and this explains perfectly what I want to do to him and...

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