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About Alex K

I aspire to be poet as I grow up. Please do not hesitate commenting on my poems.

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    Poems by Alex K

  • The Eternal Empty Road

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    • Posted on 10/03/16
    Left Alone As Your Friends Advance In Life

    in Depression Poems

    The wind slowly blows past me
    on the side of the lonely road
    there is nothing but tumbling weeds
    as the march runs fast and cold

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  • The Pink Summer Sphere

    • Published: July 2016
    Peaches Haiku

    in Haiku

    The Sweet Sensation Of Peaches Haiku, The Pink Summer Sphere
    The chill, worming in
    Shock, pleasure, bursting within
    Summer tongue awakes

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  • Ideal Day

    • Published: June 2016
    Peace In The Summer Time

    in Haiku

    Sea breeze blows ahead
    The book flows and the sun glows
    Perfect summer day

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  • Baking A Forest

    • Published: June 2016
    Helping Nature Like Baking A Cake

    in Environment Poems

    Sprinkle a few seeds on the cupcake,
    add a few bushes, pines, and red woods for health's sake.
    Let the twigs fall, don't clean up the leaves,
    for if we do nature would not be pleased.

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    The sisters at St Clara's Orphanage made a great impact on my life, I was brought there in 1941 at the age of six. I was born with two genetic defects. eye sight and hearing. Sister Gloria...

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