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I was born, raised and have lived in NYC my entire life. I'm a proud father of 3 lovable and precocious troublemakers. I'm also the owner & founder of Technical Difficulties, an IT support company in NYC. When I'm not helping people with their computer SNAFUS, you can find me spending time with my kids, reading a book or singing karaoke (if you can call it singing).

My interest in writing poetry began when I was 21, and I'd written numerous poems between 1996 and 2003 before writing got sidetracked by life. It had been nearly 15 years before the death of a friend hit hard and I was compelled to write again. Everything I've written was during a very emotional time in my life and I can only hope that those feelings are imbued in the words that I've written. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.

    Poems by Avi Fleischer

  • Monologue Of A Selfish Heart (2003)

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    • Posted on 10/18/18
    A Poem About Introspection And Self-doubt.

    in Meaningful Poems

    I sit alone and let the thoughts rage around in my head.
    Why am I even here on earth, would I be better off dead?

    What is my contribution to make my stay unique?

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  • Love Takes A Little More

    • Published: May 15, 2018
    Love Takes More... But For Good Reason

    in Falling in Love Poems

    You supply the lips and I'll supply the kiss,
    You supply the chance and I'll supply the bliss.
    You supply the truth and I'll supply the trust,
    You supply the time and I'll supply the lust.

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  • Kiss My Soul, Heal My Heart

    • Published: April 13, 2018
    Love, Betrayal, And Heartbreak

    in Heartbreak Poems

    I'm sitting here alone, my thoughts within the past,
    Thinking about you, a love I hoped would last.
    Your warm and tender heart that seems so far away,
    This yearning deep inside me that I must obey.

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  • A Fleeting Image

    • Published: March 26, 2018
    The Fleeting Nature Of Life

    in Meaningful Poems

    So fleeting is this thing called life, we journey toward its end,
    experiencing pieces of a puzzle we don't truly comprehend.

    The hues of our emotion paint a picture of our past,

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    Wonderful. The colors represent the emotions, indeed.


  • Avi Fleischer, Brooklyn, NY
  • 10 months ago

I love the humor, innocence and whimsy of this poem. But there's more here than meets the eye. If you look a bit deeper, you can see how we sometimes don't properly interpret our experiences, simply because we don't truly understand their nature or that of their source. The child does not understand the transient nature of snow and that it is destined to melt... so too we do not understand the nature of G-d and the things that we may experience in our lives.

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