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    Poems by Beatrice Alesana-Rennie

  • The Pencil Case

    • Published: October 2009
    Inspired By A Friend

    in Metaphor Poems

    The eraser erased my bad habits
    While the pencil drew in new ones
    The glue stick glued on a whole new face
    As the scissors cut away my background and past...


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    wowzaa :) this is really good. keep jotting.

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  • Hush-A-By Baby, Don't Cry

    • Published: October 2009
    Sister About Her Sick Little Brother

    in Sickness Poems

    He grows everyday
    And thinks 'never die'
    Life he will live his way
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry...


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    This poem makes me sit here and just bawl because my baby brother is very sick. I know on my heart that I am going to out live him. It kills me to admit that but it is true. But this little...

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