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Inspired By A Friend

I was inspired to do this poem by a friend who told me to write about the first thing I saw and mould it into an issue. Thanks!!!

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wowzaa :) this is really good. keep jotting.

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The Pencil Case

© more by Beatrice Alesana-Rennie

Published: October 2009

The eraser erased my bad habits
While the pencil drew in new ones
The glue stick glued on a whole new face
As the scissors cut away my background and past
The ball point pen then made the changes permanent
While the colored pencils shaded in my body
The calculator changed my way of thinking
As the sharpener grazed over my rough edges
Finally, the ruler
I had to measure up to your standards
Now me and you
We walk, talk and think the same
Two moving as one
I don't even know who I've become
What I was before
You've changed me more than you'll ever know


more by Beatrice Alesana-Rennie

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  • Sophie by Sophie, UK
  • 11 years ago

wowzaa :) this is really good. keep jotting.

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