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  • The Ultimate Gift...

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    • Posted on 07/25/16
    Poem About The Gift Of Life

    in Prayer Poems

    She was a victim, also a victor.
    Her life was cut short by a single shot.
    Fate intervened, an unknown predictor,
    Of who will live 'n who will not.

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  • True Love Lost

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    • Posted on 07/16/16
    Poems About Lost Love And Moving On

    in Moving On Poems

    He was the one true love of my life.
    We spent happy days, tender nights.
    It was not to be for then he was gone,
    first to another, then to the beyond.

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  • A Final Goodbye

    • Published: July 2016
    Facing Your Own Death

    in Dying Poems

    Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone.
    My body may die, but my soul will live on.
    Perhaps up to heaven, maybe eternity,
    or be reborn as another, when I am set free.

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    In 3 days it will be the one year anniversary of the death of your friend. You are not alone in your memories. In time, your special memories will bring greater joy than pain. But it takes...

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  • A Summer Treat

    • Published: July 2016
    Haiku About Watermelon

    in Haiku

    Haiku About Watermelon, A Summer Treat
    Watermelon slice
    Sticky face from juicy flesh
    Spitting out the seeds

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