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When a family member is dying, the whole family is plunged into despair. It is heartbreaking to see a once active relative lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines. It is hard to imagine that this is the same individual who was previously so active and full of life. It may feel strange and uncomfortable to spend time with a loved one when they are dying. Most of us feel uncomfortable in the hospital filled with the smells of sickness and death. However, there may be an opportunity to share a moment that you treasure for the rest of your life.

Poems for Coping With a Loved One Dying


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  1. A Prayer For Mama

    My dear sweet heavenly father I come to you today,
    with faith and hope I ask, send an angel Mama's way.
    I know her time is near and soon you'll take her home,
    to stroll across the streets of gold where other angels roam....

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    I cannot express how much I love this poem. I can't explain the amount of love it shows. The feelings that were put into this and the wishes and hopes. The dreams and the expectations. So...

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  3. God Can You Hear Me?

    Poem About Father's Fight with Cancer

    My eyes fill with tears,
    And I could hardly see.
    This cancer is stealing my father,
    Slowly away from me....

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    A week ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma, metastasized in both lungs and liver, causing pain in his bones losing weight turning pale. The Dr. says there is no cure,...

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  4. It's Ok To Go

    • By Lori Daoust
    • Published: April 2012

    You were sick and tired and we all knew,
    that God would soon come to take you.
    You fought so hard, so very long,
    but through the pain, you stayed strong....

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    Thank you - you have put into words what we could not. My 6 year old son read this and turned around and said "this is what happened to Grandma isn't it daddy?"

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  6. Mother's Illness

    • By Sherry L. DeBarge
    • Published: February 2006
    A Dying Mother's Message To Family

    So many thoughts I would like to say
    As I lie in silence another day
    People come, people go
    I am alone with my thoughts you know

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    Thank you for sharing this. This in someway gave me an insight of what my mum went through when she was in the last stages of dying. there were many things I didn't understand in my mother's...

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  7. To Mommy - My Final Goodbye

    • By Katie L. Ruggiero
    • Published: February 2006

    Sometimes I wish I could rewind my life,
    To think about all my actions one more time,
    And to think about all the people I hurt.
    I knew all the pain would one day come back to haunt me,...

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    This poem is amazing. It touched my heart in so many ways. It reminds me of my mother and sister.. I miss them very dearly, and we never got to say goodbye.. But we still remember her because...

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  8. Death

    • By Wallii M
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About Death And How Indiscrimately It Chooses Its Next Soul

    Death...I know you're always with us,
    Wandering discretely in the background.
    Watching...waiting...biding your time,
    Ignored, for you make no sound.

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    This poem speaks to me in ways I cannot explain. All I can say is that I have been through a lot for a teenager, and as my life spirals downwards, I am willing to accept Death with open arms.

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  10. The Strength Of One Woman

    • By Glorimar Fontanez
    • Published: February 2006

    She played a different role in all our
    lives, a mother, a sister, and a
    grandmother, no matter what the love
    we have for her is one, ask anyone...

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    My older sister has always been there for me! When I needed to talk, she always had the answer. And said I Love You no matter what! No one has the answer to cancer, Why do you have to leave...

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  11. Deepest Love

    • By Noelle S. LeBlanc
    • Published: February 2006

    Ever since the day I saw you,
    when I first opened my eyes.
    I knew that you would love me,
    through all the friends and the guys....

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    I have lost my boyfriend on January 27, 2010. His name was Max, he had a tumor in his head. When the doctors discovered the tumor, it was to late to get it out or at least that's what his mom...

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  12. A Final Goodbye

    Poem About A Goodbye To Death

    Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone.
    My body may die, but my soul will live on.
    Perhaps up to heaven, maybe eternity,
    or be reborn as another, when I am set free.

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    Watching my 17 year old friend pass killed me. Although you are gone, you haven't left my memory. Although you're still here I miss you ever day. I know you are watching over me, but...

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  13. My Grandpa

    • By Sarah R. Gamache
    • Published: February 2006

    My Grandpa Marvin died today.
    Oh how I wish that he could stay.
    Our selfish hearts just want him here,
    but we know he's always near....

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