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    Poems by Brenda Greenwalt

  • The Ole Porch Swing

    • Published: May 2016
    Loving And Losing A Grandmother

    in Missing You Poems

    Swinging on the porch swing early in the night,
    Listening to crickets and watching fireflies light.
    I loved to sit beside her and listen to her sing.
    We could sit for hours on the ole porch swing.


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    This poem makes me go back to my childhood. My story is bit different. Though our grandma loved us, she didn't show that openly. She tried to mold our characters by warning, instructing and...

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  • Our Love Story

    • Published: December 2013
    How I Met My Husband

    in Love Poems about Marriage

    You entered the room and my heart skipped a beat
    I knew in an instant we were destined to meet.
    As you looked up from the floor and your eyes locked on mine
    A warm subtle chill crept up and down my spine.


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