Missing You Poems

Missing You Poems

I Miss You Poems

Our lives are so busy and sometimes we live so far from our families. We miss the relationships with our families and often we do not even share important life events with them. We need to move back towards our families. If not in actual distance then at least we must move closer in our hearts. We live in a time where there are unprecedented communication possibilities. No one will ever love us unconditionally like our family can. We'd be fools not to take advantage of this opportunity.

37 Poems about Missing a Mom or Dad

  1. 1. The Ole Porch Swing

    Grandma was a farmer's wife and I simply adored her. As a child, I spent many weekends on her farm. Although she had a very large family, grandma managed to make each one of her grandchildren feel very important and special. One of my favorite memories is of us sitting on her "ole porch swing." Since the house sat way back off the road, we would sit on the porch in the evening in our nightgowns as we laughed and giggled while she told me stories and sang me songs of her youth.

    Loving And Losing A Grandmother

    Swinging on the porch swing early in the night,
    Listening to crickets and watching fireflies light.
    I loved to sit beside her and listen to her sing.
    We could sit for hours on the ole porch swing.

    She would sit and tell me stories for hours on end,
    As I loved to listen about her family and friends.
    The adventures I sat and listened to her tell
    Would have me mesmerized and under her spell.

    We became the best of friends, my grandma and me,
    As we sat on the porch drinking our iced tea.
    Wide-eyed and attentive, she listened very sincere
    To my own little girl secrets from yesteryear.

    I sat in bed beside her when God called her home that night.
    So afraid to let her go, I held her hand so tight.
    But I feel her with me still as I listen to her sing,
    And once more we are together on the ole porch swing.

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    I was touched by this poem as it made me take a trip down the memory lane. I had lived some beautiful years of my childhood with my great granny. She was extremely gentle and loving. She...

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  3. 2. Three Empty Chairs

    Christmas is our family time, a beautiful day for all the family. Lots of noise, giggles, cooking, and games. Then we became less over these last years, and the Christmases that once held sparkle have now lost their shine. We have lost the ones we loved, and the chairs are now empty. Such loss can be so hard...

    Remembering Lost Loved Ones At Christmas

    There are now three empty chairs at the Christmas table.
    It's a time I find difficult, even unable

    To find joy on this family day.
    We are so lost since you went away.

    Our lives have less joy and our days are sad.
    I cry when I remember all that we had.

    Christmas day was that special day of the year
    Where we gathered around with festive cheer.

    A time of love, smiles and joy,
    A time to watch the children open their gifts, play with their toys.

    The turkey cooking and puddings to be made,
    All the excitement and noise and a beautiful table we laid.

    But once again we feel a loss of someone special we love,
    And once again we cry and turn our look to above.

    Heaven holds all three of you now,
    And our loss and pain is too much, oh wow.

    My mum, dad, and brother, now all gone.
    It hurts, this loss; it feels so wrong.

    There are now only our memories that we can hold dear.
    And as we say Merry Christmas, we also shed a tear.

    As we look upon the three empty chairs,
    I will raise my glass as we toast and share.

    We miss you all so very much; now you're in heaven above.
    To all of you, my family, with all our hearts, we send our love.

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  5. 3. Lonely For Mom

    • By Stephanie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I wrote this for my mom who died when I was 17

    There was one a person who made me feel safe,
    held my hand when I began to fall from grace.

    This person was my mother; she's the one I miss.
    She brought me love and endless happiness.

    On November 11th 2001, you died, leaving me all alone,
    Oh, how I cried.

    Why did you have to go? Please tell me why.
    Now I have to drink and do drugs just to get by.

    I wish you were here, Mom. I miss you so much.
    No one even knows what I would give for just one touch.

    Why does everyone else get to have there moms near?
    Do they know I'd give anything to have my mother here?

    I'm sad and lost. Mom, will you help me find my way?
    Will you get rid of the tears I cry each day?

    I know the answer, and the answer is no,
    'cause for me to move on, I have to let you go.

    Mom, I love you and thank you for all you did for me,
    and I hope someday I make you proud for whatever comes to be.

    For all those that have a mother, please hold her tight,
    and never say you hate her, even when you fight.

    For you never know when she might have to go,
    and the pain that it brings ... I hope you never have to know!!

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    I haven't stopped sobbing since my beautiful, sweet, daughter (barely 50) passed away almost 2 weeks ago. I was calling her (she lived in Sacramento; I live in Idaho.) And she kept saying,...

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  6. 4. I Miss You

    The world never seems the same after the loss of a loved one. There'll always be a void in your life that nothing can fill.

    Losing A Loved One

    I still miss you
    As the weeks and years go by.

    I still miss you
    Like the clouds would miss the sky.

    I still miss you
    Like a bird without its wings.

    I still miss you
    Like a flower without the joys of spring.

    I still miss you
    As I greet another day.

    I still miss the love we shared
    And the memories we both made.

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    Brother John, though it must hurt so much that you and the love of your life had to part, keep this thought in your heart, the day will come when you and your wife will meet in heaven and...

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  7. 5. Dear Santa

    • By Bianca Bates
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    I wrote this poem in 2010 for a family whose dad was fighting in the war and wouldn't be returning home for Christmas.

    Letter Asking Santa To Bring Daddy Home For Christmas

    Dear Santa,
    Christmas is just around the bend,
    So in this letter I send
    Are the presents I want from you to me.
    Keep on reading and you will see!
    A jack in the box with a pop out fox,
    A spinning top that will never stop,
    A remote controlled fly but with moving eyes,
    But most of all I want this:
    My daddy home to love and kiss
    So Christmas morning there will be
    All of us being a happy family.
    So please, can you bring him back from war?
    Then we'll know he's safe for sure.

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  8. 6. I Miss My Mother

    I miss my mother. The way she used to be...before everything changed.

    I miss your voice that used to softly sing my special lullaby.
    I miss your hands that used to hold me when I was scared.
    I miss your eyes that would bring me to ease each time I stared into them.
    I miss your nicknames you gave me when I would act bad.
    I miss you falling asleep to your heartbeat when I would lay my head upon your chest.
    I miss the prayers we taught me when we prayed together.
    I miss our talks on the car ride over to school.
    I miss the "I love yous" and "Be carefuls" every day.
    I miss the "Good Morning" and "Good nights."
    I miss our tickle fights.
    I miss our arguments knowing you were always right.
    I miss you........the way you once were.

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    This poem reminds me of my dearest mom. My mom left me this day in 2007. It's 10 years now, but my eyes well up whenever I think of her. It takes your entire lifetime to get over the loss of...

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  9. 7. My Sorrow

    • By Jamie R. Anderson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A son writes about the sorrow he experiences since his father has cut off their relationship. He keeps his pain deep inside and still hopes for reconciliation.

    It's been two months now.
    I've locked all my pain inside.
    Only I see what you have done to me.
    I am cautious and aware.
    I allow no one to see my broken heart.
    In the silence of my room
    I cry myself to sleep,
    Wishing someday we will see each other again.
    All my life you have been in the shadows.
    Some days there, some days not,
    But in order to see the rainbow,
    We must endure the storm,
    So I will wait until you see
    That all this fighting is for nothing.
    I am dying deep down
    Since the last time I heard your voice.
    It was a simple 'hello'
    Then the sound of the ring tone.
    Why must you do this?
    Why must it be this way?
    But I still love you
    And forever will
    Because I am still proud
    To say that you're
    My dad.

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    My mom left me 7 years ago and my dad left me 13 years ago. I saw him again 7 years ago but only for a few months. I love them but hate them. I miss them but never wanna see them again. I was...

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  10. 8. A Loving Dad

    • By Patricia M. Green
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    In memory of a loving dad who his daughter never got the chance to know.

    I wish I had my dad by my side.
    Just thinking of him makes me cry.
    Never being able to get to know him
    Hurts me inside everyday that goes by.
    The stories I hear,
    To my eyes they bring a tear.
    Before I had to say good-bye,
    I wish with him I had more time.
    My mom lets me know how much he cared
    Since I was too young to have my own memories to share.
    Seeing pictures of him I want to know
    Why so soon he had to go.
    Good things that he did to help someone else
    Hearing about that just makes my heart melt.
    I just hoped that the time with him could have been longer
    Because I know he was a loving husband and father.
    I am sad that we are apart.
    I miss my dad with all my heart.

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    I was 2 years old when I was taken from my parents. I was 8 years old when I lost my dad. He was 50 when he passed away from cancer. I hardly knew my dad. This poem is sad, but it's like my...

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  11. 9. My Mother

    • By Renea E. Wilhelm
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    She's no longer with you and suddenly you're filed with regret at all the time you never spent together and the things you never said.

    All Things I Never Said

    I fall down on my knees and begin to cry.
    For I never wanted you to leave my side.
    I wanted you to be by my side forever and ever.
    And I wanted to leave your side, never.
    For you were my mom and I'll love you forever more.
    Every trouble I went through, you're the one who opened the door.
    I lie on the ground crying more than ever before.
    I had so little memories and I wanted much more.
    I was too caught up in my friends.
    I never had time to spend.
    I want you back; it's not fair.
    A mom like you was very rare.
    I love you, I love you, please come back.
    My whole life just fell off track.
    Now that you're gone, I have nowhere to go.
    I need you here; there's so much more I need to know.
    I miss you, I wish it never turned out this way.
    Now that you're gone, there's so much to say.
    I'm sorry for the fun times I could have spent with you.
    This isn't happening; it can't be true!
    I love you, I love you, PLEASE come back home.
    Now that you're gone, I'm all alone.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Beautiful poem.
    I lost my mom 13 years ago, a month before my wedding day.
    I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Just to say to her.. '' I LOVE U''

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  12. 10. Lost Daughters

    • By Andrew Bannister
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2010

    Hello, I have never thought I had it in me, but for some reason I resorted to poetry in a desperate attempt to communicate my feelings. This poem literally comes from my heart to express to my daughters how I feel about them now living abroad following my ex-wife re-marrying and emigrating. I see them twice a year for a short period. They are now 12 and 14. We miss each other terribly, and I miss being their dad and seeing them growing up. -Andrew

    Poem From Father Missing Daughters After Divorce

    I am a dad who is too sad to say
    My two little girls have been taken away.

    Their mother wanted to take them far from me.
    Now in another country across the sea.

    No one would listen, no one would care.
    Now I suffer beyond despair.

    Time goes on; how fast they gro
    Those two little girls, I used to know.

    Teenage years beckon and threaten.
    Concerns have I with no one to listen.

    I am their Dad and no one can see
    My two little girls mean so much to me.

    All I can do is wait patiently
    In the hope one day they will come back to me.

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    Hi, my daughter went to live in another state after a messy divorce. Due to an injury, I wasn't able to keep in touch like I wanted. Now she has 5 beautiful children I never get to see. I...

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  13. 11. The Oath

    • By Victoria Carruthers
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    Royal Air Force mother leaving first baby to go away on a four month tour soon after returning from maternity leave. RAF life.

    Poem By Mother Who Has to Leave Her Baby For 4 Months

    Every time I think of this,
    My heart seems to shatter, how unnatural it is,
    What an awful hour,
    The thought of me leaving,
    Makes me shiver and quake,
    I wish I was dreaming,
    Am I even awake.

    Will she cry for me,
    Will she wonder where I am,
    Will she get angry,
    Will she forget who I am,
    I am her mummy,
    And she's not even a year old.
    Who will take care of her,
    And keep her safe from cold.

    Separation anxiety is flowing like a burst pipe,
    Heart is thumbing, mouth is dry, questioning why,
    I signed the dotted line,
    And said I would defend,
    When all I wish is to be with my daughter,
    Be her nurse, teacher and friend.

    Will I miss her first steps,
    Her birthday and more,
    Will she even recognize me,
    When I walk through the door.
    Her smile that's so wide,
    No teeth yet come through,
    Will warm my heart,
    When I'm feeling sad and low.

    As I pack up my kit,
    And set off on my way,
    A thousand kisses aren't enough
    Nor a hug, squeeze or play.
    I break down and sob,
    Tears fall from my face,
    I pray to God this tour goes fast pace.

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  14. 12. Mom My Angel

    • By Samantha N. Day
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    In thankfulness to mom who is no longer here for all the kindnesses when she was.

    Mom you're like an Angel
    Sent from up above,
    With all your kindness, tenderness
    And everlasting love.

    You have always looked after me
    And taught me right from wrong,
    And when I'm down or worried
    It's always you that comes along.

    You're not just Mom but a friend of mine
    A friend I can't replace,
    And every time I think of you
    All I see is your smiling face.

    I thank you
    allowing me to see these times,
    Because if it wasn't for you dear Mother
    I could never write down these lines.

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    My mom passed away February 21, 2015. She had been fighting for her life for the past 6 years. Sometimes I feel like it is just a bad dream, but it is real. I miss my mom very much. I never...

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  15. 13. My Best Friend!!

    • By Peachez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    Mommy I need you and I miss you so very much, please come back to me...I need you bad!!!!

    On the day I turned sixteen a day I'll never forget
    My heart was filled with pain my life was filled with regret
    A day that was suppose to be spent opening up gifts and blowing out candles
    Turned into a day which no one could handle
    God decided that your presence was much more needed in Heavens beautiful gates
    When the doctor pulled the cord my legs began to shake
    The machine counting down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    you raised your body and took your last breath
    In my heart, in my soul is where your memories will be kept
    That day God took away my mother but also my best friend
    And that day I felt like I wanted my life to end
    When things went bad it was her love that I would seek
    I was her baby, I was her little peach
    I could never be afraid as long as she was around;
    she taught me that fear was not an option
    I'm glad that God sent you my way when it was time for adoption
    From the first day you got me when I was 3 months old
    You opened your heart and a new family began to unfold
    Things could never go wrong as long as you were in my life
    Now all I feel is pain, anger, and strife
    I could talk to you about everything and my secrets you never told
    You taught me to stand and always be bold
    The best mother in the world you'll always be
    A great best friend is what you'll always be to me

    This is dedicated to my Mommy, Ms. Josephine Sparks Benford aka Nanna bka Josie
    We Love U and We Miss O So Very Much
    Heaven Just Got Happier!!!!

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is really sad poem. I cried from it. May god be with you in your future.

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  16. 14. When You Died

    • By Rhianon S. Glissendorf
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A child wonders what it's like up in heaven.

    When you died my whole
    World came crashing down
    On me
    I see you in my dreams,
    Everywhere I look are the
    Memories of you
    It's been ten long years, but
    It still feels like yesterday
    That I lost you forever
    I blamed myself, but I learned
    That God needed you more than
    We did, but why then?
    I've been wishing I was dead for
    A long time now, so I can join you
    Up in heaven, is it really that?
    The day you died my life ended,
    and I was only six.

    *a true story about my mom,Roxane. R.I.P. mom*

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    My friend died March of this year. She was a good friend the best friend that anyone can have. We have had some good time together on days I could call her and talk to her about anything she...

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  17. 15. Yesterday

    • By Tanya Stuart
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

    Me, a mother who lost my parental rights in 2005 to my daughter, cause my meth addiction was stronger than I was and let it take control. In my mind I completely, deeply believed that her and I would always be together. She is my daughter, through and through, God gave her to me, no one can take that away. She belong right by my side where God intended her to be. So I thought. Till one day she was gone, I screamed at God 'this hurts to hard!', today I feel a loss so deep and it never goes away.

    Poem By A Mother Who Lost Parental Rights To Her Daughter

    I just can't believe you're gone,
    Still waiting for morning to come
    Wanna see if the sun will rise
    Even without you by my side.
    We had so much in store,
    I'll hold yesterday in my heart.

    They took all our tomorrows
    And the plans we made.
    They took all the music
    That we'll never play.
    All the broken dreams, take everything.
    But they can never have yesterday.

    They took the future away
    That we'll never know.
    They took the places away
    That I said we would go.
    All the broken dreams, take everything.
    But they can never have yesterday.

    People always said I should be thankful for everyday,
    Heaven knows what the future holds
    Or at least how the story goes...
    But I never believed I'd be living my days without you.

    I know I'll see you again I'm sure.
    Is it selfish of me to ask for more?
    Since I am the reason you're gone?
    One more day, one more night,
    One more smile on your face,
    But they can't take yesterday.

    I thought our days would last forever,
    'Cause in my mind we had so much time,
    But I was so wrong.
    Now I try to believe that I can still find
    The strength in the moments we made
    To make it one more day,
    I'm looking back on yesterday.

    All the broken dreams take everything,
    But they can never have yesterday.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am an orphan now. My mom's parental rights were taken on October 2, 2017. When they were taken, I thought my life would end, that I had nothing to live for. It was very upsetting, and when...

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  18. 16. Lonely Amidst Crowd

    • By Prashant Preman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    Dear Friends,

    Through this poem I have tried to pen down my feelings of being away from home and missing my loved ones.

    Standing lonely, though in a crowd
    Witnessing people whilst they move around
    I felt a spear penetrate my heart
    Agonizing pain, as my body fell apart!
    Feeling homesick as no one to care
    Missing family, their love and care
    A desire to earn parted me from "SOME"
    Leaving me lonely & crying for them
    Little did I grasp, what I left behind
    Need for a better life had made me blind
    As usual, realization dawns always late
    Away from home, now I am behind this huge gate
    Amidst emotions and pain to die
    Tears rolled unrelenting via my eye
    Alas! Cry mine, will be heard by none
    Amidst this crowd, I am lonely & no one!

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  19. 17. My Boys

    • By Jeremy S. Burgins
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A father writes a heart wrenching poem of the aching he feels that his two boys are not in his life.

    Poem From A Father Missing His Sons

    Please let them come back to me
    Missing, Needing, Wanting, Loving
    My heart desires the love I created
    Two sweet souls that comfort and heal
    I need them so I can feel again
    Loving unconditionally without force
    Providing more dreams than one can hope
    Giving all of yourself is not enough
    At times need convincing to hold on
    A picture or a memory will do for now
    Seeing them again must come soon
    Wondering if they are happy and laughing
    Did I deserve this fate?
    All I desire is to hold them again
    Please let them come back to me
    Missing, Needing, Wanting, Loving
    I will not move on
    I can't move on
    All my dreams are now for them
    Holding them at night
    Tending to the inevitable wounds
    Being the father they need
    All are easy and welcome tasks
    I just need to hold them again
    Please let them come back to me
    Missing, Needing, Wanting, Loving
    My sons, My boys, MY LIFE!

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  20. 18. Message To Absent Dad

    A invitation to a dad who missed out on his daughter's life to come back and build a relationship.

    Poem Inviting Dad Back Into Daughter's Life

    Dad, why did you leave me when I needed you so much.
    I tried to reach out to you for that loving touch.
    I have realized now that I'm no daddy's princess.
    When I was younger, I actually felt much less.
    I understand now that it wasn't meant to be,
    Now my life is better, I have an extended family.
    I always wanted a sister, and you have given me two,
    So I will give you credit where credit is due.
    I realize now I wasn't the reason for you leaving.
    The time has passed now, and it's done the healing.
    You may look back and regret the time that's passed.
    You need to build a relationship, one that's going to last.
    I don't want you growing old not knowing me.
    Dad, you are part of my life, you're my family.

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  21. 19. Don't Ever Say Goodbye

    I wrote this for a friend. Her father went to fight in the war. I experienced losing him with her. She never got to say goodbye and she never wanted to, but someday they will be able to say hello.

    Poem About Not Wanting To Say Goodbye

    Don't ever say goodbye, even if you leave
    I'll always be your little girl, pulling at your sleeve

    Don't ever say goodbye if you're not coming back
    It would only mean another load on my heavy rack

    Don't ever say goodbye, but please realize
    I'll always be your little girl, but now with tear filled eyes

    Don't ever say goodbye, I can already sense when you're gone
    But I'll always be your little girl waiting for a goodnight song

    Don't ever say goodbye, or I'll wait day and night
    Hoping that my Daddy won't die in the next fight

    Don't ever say goodbye; I need your shoulder so strong
    I want you to hold me forever, but now you're already gone

    Don't ever say goodbye, even if you're letting go
    I can't tell you not to die, but I wish it weren't so

    Daddy, you've been gone too long, but you have to know
    You may be dead, but don't say goodbye, 'cause another day we'll say hello

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  22. 20. What You Mean To Me

    • By Amy J. Rhodes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother who must be separated from her girls lets them know just how must she misses them.

    What you mean to me:
    You are the sun in the sky,
    You are the light shining by,
    You are the breeze in my hair,
    You're the life I want to share.

    You are what makes my days go by,
    You are the ones I'll tell no lies
    You are the ones who make me smile,
    I'll stay by you a long while.

    Your smiles light up my day,
    They make the darkness go away,
    You're the reason I am alive,
    One day you'll be someone's wives

    You are very special girls,
    You are apart of this special world,
    I know I can't hold you right now,
    Thinking of you makes me smile.

    You will be in my arms soon,
    When you miss me look at the moon,
    Because when I miss you I'll do the same,
    And you won't feel any pain.

    Because we know we will be together again,
    To laugh, run a smile again,
    I want you not to fear,
    I'll whip away ever tear.

    Just remember deep in your hearts,
    I'm not the reason we had to part,
    And that I love you more than life,
    You are the angels of my life.

    One more thing before mommy goes,
    Always remember sweet girls,
    I love you and need you so...

    Love always your Mom Amy

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    I feel like I could've wrote this myself.. I had some trouble a few years ago and my ex-sister in law offered to take over until I got on my feet. Long story short she betrayed me..and now...

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