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    Poems by Brittany

  • Your Lies

    • Published: September 2011

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    Funny when things never change
    Even when you say they will
    But while you're off seeing her
    My life is standing still


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    By reading this poem I realized that I am not the only one who feels used by a boy. I've been feeling so bad lately and I feel like dying. Even my best friend betrays me. I had no feeling of...

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  • Price Paid

    • Published: May 2008
    Breaking Up With First Love

    in Breaking Up Poems

    When we broke up, man I went crazy,
    confused, sad, and sometimes even lazy
    I listened to someone who was
    "Supposedly" my friend. So I made...


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    This poem reminds me of my ex...
    We broke up a while back and I didn't realize how much I cared. I dumped him and now I regret it. I love him so much. I have depression and split personality...

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