Heartbreak Poems by Teens

Heartbreak Poems by Teens

Broken Heart Poems

Time heals all wounds, they say, but heartbreak is a wound deeper than most. Emotions can range from profound sadness to intense anger to utter emptiness in the course of a single day, which is exhausting. Having to face the person you loved at school or elsewhere can be excruciating and draining. Crying yourself to sleep might even become part of your daily routine. Most of the time, it seems impossible to find the strength to just let go and move on. After all, how can you force your heart stop loving someone?

189 Poems for When Love Hurts

  1. 1. Perfect Guy

    I thought I found the perfect guy,
    one that knew how to treat me right.
    But I forgot to hold on,
    and now he's gone.

    I should have pushed harder for it to work,
    but I didn't and now I'm hurt.
    I can't remove his picture from my mind
    I think about him all the time.

    He meant everything to me,
    and now we can't be.
    I ruined it all,
    I say as I slowly fall.

    I miss the way it was with him,
    and now the light's starting to dim.
    Everything inside is dead.
    I can't get him out of my head.

    I need him to survive.
    He makes me feel so alive.
    He has my everything,
    and without him it's just not the same.

    When he told me good-bye,
    all I could think of is why.
    I hate having to act like it's all right,
    especially when all I do is cry at night.

    I hate dwelling on my past
    and sitting here wondering why it didn't last.
    I wish I could be with him right now
    I should get over him, but I can't learn how.

    I think about how it used to be and I smile.
    I hoped he planed on staying a while,
    but he left me alone and helpless,
    and he knows it's him I will miss.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I’m sorry about what happened. That is so messed up what he did to you. I was in almost the same situation, but what happened to me was that my sister would always try to take away my...

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  3. 2. What Did I Do Wrong?

    This poem is about being so close to someone and then all of a sudden they leave, and you have no idea why.

    I Want You Back Poem

    I can't stop singing Taylor Swift songs 
    I can't stop asking what I did wrong 
    You were once there and now you're gone
    I'm too scared to turn the light on

    My face streaked with tears 
    Bringing out my worst fears
    I can't say I don't care 
    Because having you is my only prayer 

    You were once so close and now so far
    I don't know where you are 
    I just want you back with me
    That's all I want, you see

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  5. 3. In The Longing For A Dream

    • By Erica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    Hello! My name is Erica, and I'm a thirteen-year-old who has secretly been writing poetry since fourth grade. This is about how I am deeply passionate about someone I will never even meet, and if you have read any other poems you will know that I mention Finland a lot, because that is where he is from. This one is about how I love him so much that sometimes I can't even sleep. It's hard to love someone you can't have. I hope you like my poem "In The Longing for a Dream."

    Poem About Longing For Love

    It's four o' clock in Finland,
    And I know that you're asleep.
    I know that you are dreaming, and
    If you're not, you're counting sheep.

    I always get what I'm wanting
    But never what I seek.
    There's a difference between what we can have
    And we can keep.

    I turn to my left side
    Then I turn onto my right.
    I wonder if you're struggling
    Like I do every night.

    I close my eyes and picture you the
    Way I want you to seem.
    A tear comes sliding down my face
    In the longing for a dream.

    It lays its weary head down on my
    Pillow's fraying seam.
    It lays its weary head down
    In the longing for a dream.

    I can picture you so clearly
    Sleeping soundly in your bed.
    The crickets lullaby you softly as
    The moon slides overhead.

    The breeze knocks on your window
    While in your sleep you're gently breathing,
    And beneath your warm blankets
    Your lovely heart is gently beating.

    You nod your head slightly
    And soon again you're lying still.
    The night cradles you in loving arms,
    And you know it always will.

    Yes, it's four o' clock in Finland, and I
    Know that you're asleep.
    Don't know what about, but you're dreaming,
    And if you're not, you're counting sheep.

    Keep dreaming while you can, my love. Stay
    Safe and warm within your bed
    For life is but another dream. Just
    Not inside your head...

    I close my eyes and think of you.
    Maybe it's not as late as it seems.
    A tear comes sliding down my face
    In the longing for a dream.

    It lays its weary head down on my
    Pillow's fraying seam.
    It lays its weary head down

    In the longing for a dream...

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  6. 4. Sometimes I Feel

    This poem is for those young people who feel as if their partners are treating them like they don't matter. But really they know and understand that they truly care for each other.

    Poem About Not Giving Up On Love

    Sometimes I feel as if it was bad to fall in love at first sight,
    But other moments it feels like it was just so right.
    Sometimes I feel as if you don't care,
    But other moments it feels like you'll always be there.
    Sometimes I feel as if we just weren't meant to be,
    But other moments it feels like you're the only one for me.
    Sometimes I feel as if this is all a game,
    But other moments it feels like I should share your last name.
    Sometimes I feel as if you don't notice me,
    But other moments it feels like it's only me you see.
    Sometimes I feel as if you wish we weren't together,
    But other moments it feels like we will be forever.
    Sometimes I feel as if I should just give up,
    But other moments it feels like you are my good luck.
    Overall, I understand we will have some ups and downs,
    But despite the doubts I have and bad times we go through, I appreciate the love we have now.

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    I feel the same way with this boy. Sometimes I feel like he gives me no attention and then he does something I would've never thought he'd do. He is so complicated. He sends so many mixed...

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  7. 5. Forever

    • By Bri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2016

    I thought our love was going to last forever.

    Poem About Love Not Lasting

    My heart is now in so much pain.
    My tears are falling like pouring rain.

    I can no longer sleep a full night.
    I can no longer fight.

    We broke each other's hearts.
    We were torn apart.

    We are no longer together.
    What happened to forever?

    No one can save me from the dark's might.
    This time there will be no light.
    I'm not going to fight.

    There's no reason to.
    When I did fight, it was for you.

    I know I never did show how I felt.
    Just believe me,
    every time I saw you,
    my heart would melt.

    Just know...
    I loved you then,
    I love you still.
    I promise
    I always will.

    I don't know why
    we had to say our goodbyes...
    but I'll love you till the day I die.

    My heart is broken,
    but I still have hope.

    One day
    we might get back together.
    Maybe next time will be forever.

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    Yes, I was touched by this poem. They say nothing is forever, but I don't believe that! Love can be and is beautiful. The more you love someone, the bigger the hurt if something goes wrong....

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  8. 6. Just Let Him Go

    • By Aubrey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I wrote this poem when I was going through a hard time dealing with a break-up. I was watching TV, and I heard the words, "You've gotta learn to just let go." Those words really stuck with me. So I grabbed my notebook and started writing. I hope this poem helps some of you get through those hard break-ups.

    We had a lot of fun
    When we were together
    I'll never forget
    I'll always remember

    The laughs that we shared
    The dreams that we had
    But those dreams changed
    And they left me sad

    I know you've moved on
    And found someone new
    But I have to admit
    I still wish for you

    This isn't healthy for me
    I really need to stop
    When I think about our past
    My heart wants to pop

    So as I say my last goodbye
    I want you to know
    That I'm trying my best
    To learn to just let go

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    That's what happened to me. I have fallen in love with a guy, and we dated for almost a month. He told me that he loved me but then broke up with me the next day. I even knew he was moving...

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  9. 7. Hopeless

    • By Brooke
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019

    You think that you love someone, but it turns out they liked someone else the whole time.

    Being Cheated On And Losing Hope

    This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
    Things started out so perfectly.
    We were so happy, our future set in stone.
    Never would I imagine myself alone.

    But time after time, you broke my trust.
    What I thought was love, you felt as lust.
    You locked up my heart but gave her the key.
    I watch as you now love her and not me.

    I should have known it was too good to be true,
    But yet here I am, crying over you.
    Now I am left heart-broken and betrayed.
    How stupid I was to think you would stay.

    You shared love with her, knowing I was the cost,
    And I realize now that all hope is lost.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was being cheated on for 3 years by my boyfriend. I feel so stupid now. My trusting ability has came to an end.

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  10. 8. To My Best Friend

    • By Ben U Ushie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018

    I wrote this poem when my best friend and I were growing distant. There is nothing more painful than losing someone you truly care about, so I wrote it to her hoping it would help, and it did.

    Friends Growing Apart

    The distance between us makes me feel sad
    Because I still remember all the good times we had.
    We used to talk for hours and hours on end,
    But now we're growing distant and I need you, my friend.

    I don't know what's happening; I am truly lost
    About how our friendship, once so strong, is turning to dust.
    Where did we go wrong? is the question on my mind,
    And I'll give anything so those answers I'll find.

    But I won't give up yet; it's never too late.
    Besides, our friendship was not luck; it's fate.
    Even if it means starting over from scratch,
    We'll do it right this time so our friendship we'll patch.

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  11. 9. There Was One More Thing

    • By Erica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    Hi! I am a thirteen-year-old girl who has secretly been writing poetry since I was in fourth grade. I love poetry so much, and even though I'm still learning, I write all the time. My love for hockey and for the boy I can never have (whom I refer to as The Finn in many of my poems) inspires me to write. I wrote this one about the feeling of when something ends too soon and there was still so much you wanted to say and do. I hope I can inspire some people out there! Thank you so much for reading!

    Wanting A Second Chance

    If there was one more thing I could tell you,
    I'd tell you that you saved my life.
    I'd tell you that you are my savior.
    In the darkness you are my light.

    If there was one more thing I could thank you for,
    It would be how strong I have become.
    I would thank you for the strength you gave
    That helped me overcome.

    If there was one more thing I could see again,
    It would be your smile I can't replace.
    I would want to see you come home again.
    Never another tear to cross your face.

    If there was one thing I could wish of you,
    I would wish for you to come home.
    I wish that once you would notice me,
    Wish you don't leave me here alone.

    If there was one more thing I could have from you,
    It would be a moment. A second. A glance.
    All I ever wanted from you was you.
    All I ever wanted was a chance.

    If there was one more thing I could ask you,
    I'd ask if you would have cared.
    If you could see, would you have cared about me
    If you had known I was there?

    If there was one more thing I'd want from you
    It would be a memory to save
    So when you're gone I could still hold on,
    So I could still be brave.

    If there was one more thing I could tell you,
    I'd tell you I've loved you all along.
    I've been here for you. I'll wait for you.

    I'm going to miss you
    When you're gone.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I really love your poems. They're brilliant. Well done!

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  12. 10. The Reason Why

    • By Erica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    Hi! I am a thirteen-year-old girl who has secretly been writing poetry since I was in 4th grade. I love poetry with all my heart. I wrote this one today because I was thinking of somebody I miss so much, and all of a sudden the first snow of the year began to gently fall outside. I began to write, and it turned into this poem that I named "The Reason Why." I hope it can relate to everybody out there who is missing someone, especially someone who meant a lot to you. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

    Poem About How Hard It Is To Move On

    The first snow of the year falls around me.
    I stare out my window. It never fails to astound me

    How each flake is different. None are the same.
    None try to be like others, just stay how they came.

    And the frozen rain falls from the sky with no sound,
    Gently drifting to rest and to sleep on the ground.

    A cool white blanket hides the scars of the earth,
    Covering the ground in a winter's rebirth.

    And I wonder, is this beauty what you see every day?
    This peaceful wonder that you overlook and say,

    "This happens around me. So I walk away."
    This is the beauty you overlook every day.

    Outside, snow is falling. A beautiful white.
    Pressing my face to the window. A beautiful sight.

    All around me is beauty. But inside me is pain,
    So I watch the snow falling. The frozen rain.

    The surface untouched by small children's shoes.
    They watch in astonishment from their window views.

    Heavy flakes fall from a calming grey sky.
    I'm hurting, so the sky continues to cry.

    I still miss you. I miss you every day that goes by,
    Knowing that I am the reason why.

    So I watch the snow fall...hiding what I'm regretting.
    I'm sick of remembering what you are forgetting.

    I still miss you. I miss you every day that goes by,
    Knowing that I am the reason why.

    I still love you. I'll love you till the day I die,
    Knowing that I am the reason why.

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    Latest Shared Story

    You're welcome. It's really sad when someone dear becomes a stranger in two minutes. It's a nice poem that was greatly expressed.

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  13. 11. Dust To Dust

    • By Erica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018

    Hello, I am a fourteen-year-old girl who has been writing poetry since I was in third grade. I am so glad that you came to read my poem! This is my most recent poem, "Dust to Dust." It was written in the midst of a sorrowful time but expresses in abstract ideas how nothing ever lasts, whether good or bad, and everything moves on and continues in a circle. This poem is heavy with symbolism and abstract thoughts. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much!

    Change And Moving On

    If your heart was a diamond, perfect and clear,
    glittering gleaming like a broken heart's tear,
    if lust was coal, dusty and black,
    would it make you realize you want to come back?

    If music was woven with golden thread
    soft... like the locks lay upon your head
    I would listen all day... and through the night
    I would play it once more to make things right.

    For if poems and words were always the truth
    and were spun into realities as beautiful as you,
    my creation would be worth the time that it takes
    and the toll that it makes.

    For days are like mountains and years are like hills
    and the tears are the rivers that turn all the mills.
    Though they bring sadness and though they bring pain,
    Has one seen a rainbow without any rain?

    Though things cannot last, still nothing can die.
    It is a circle broken with only goodbyes.
    An echo in silence... a wonder we forgot
    the weeping of a willow was all for not.

    One less second is no concern of mine,
    but one may wonder where goes that time...
    You can think it like this, you can think it like that.
    Will the thinking bring those moments back?

    It has been so long, moments have wasted!
    Fruits of love I have never tasted
    rot on the grounf but will grow towards the sky!
    It is the endless circle broken only with goodbye

    Crumbling in my hands, the hopes of a past,
    leaving, believing that all this could last.
    Soil turns to sand and then sand into dust
    and blows away in the wind... something bigger than us.

    This greater purpose... this greater end
    can be seen in every sunrise, every heart of a friend.
    Coal into diamond and diamond to rust.
    Ashes to ashes and dust to dust!

    So be it if words are spun into lies.
    It is all just the circle broken with these goodbyes.
    In the end... dreams will come and others will rust
    it is ashes to ashes and dust to dust!

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    I really liked the metaphors and symbolism woven into this poem, as well as the artful rhyming and flow of the words. Lovely poem to read! I found it to be energetic, almost youthful, but...

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  14. 12. Smiling But Dying

    • By Joevel De Leon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2013

    Teenagers often get heartbroken...and some of them want to tell it to that person, but they can't...so they express it with a poem. This poem is for everyone out there whose heart is breaking today...

    Poem About Your Crush Liking Someone Else

    Today as I went home,
    even if I'm with my friends, I feel so alone.
    Thinking of you made me feel so blue,
    for you love her, and I'm in love with you.

    This heartache makes me want to cry,
    but instead of tears, I express it with a sigh,
    for I don't want them to see
    that I'm crying, because I'm falling for you badly.

    "It's just a little crush," that's what I say,
    but it's making a big hole when I see you every day,
    for when I follow your stare, it leads to her,
    and sometimes, I feel like tears are going to make my vision blur.

    I know it's pathetic, but when you talk to me
    I feel so pleased and happy,
    but still, I know that you're not going to love me
    'cause your heart belongs to her completely.

    You're just a fantasy,
    and you'll never love me in reality.
    I know that someday you're just going to be a memory
    that I will remember when I'm lonely.

    But someday is not yet today.
    It still is far, far away,
    but I wish you'll notice anyway
    that my heart is breaking,
    and even though I'm smiling,
    just look in my eyes,
    and you'll see that I'm dying.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem hit so hard that I was in tears by the end of it because it hurts so much. I'm in love with my ex, and we dated 2 and a half years ago when we were really dumb and immature. We...

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  15. 13. Your Love Is A Lie

    • By Anthony Frigoletto
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    I am 18 years old, and I have been in a relationship for 4 months now, and it isn't getting any better. It just seems that she just doesn't love me. She is never with me; she is always with her ex. It just makes me so upset when I see her with him. All she does is lie and cheat, and I keep going back because the feelings take over, so I write poems to ease my sadness.

    Poem About Relationship Falling Apart

    You came to me when you were sad
    And I was stupid to take you back
    I thought you could change
    But I was wrong and I'm filled with pain
    Just watching you slip away
    I thought you were here to stay
    You promised you wouldn't leave
    But that promise was deceived
    I wish I could undo
    What you put me through
    Seeing you with him just blows my mind
    I thought you loved me, but that's just another lie

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  16. 14. Missing You

    • By Danni
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    Another poem about my ex-boyfriend. I found out today he has a new girlfriend, and this poem happened. For any girl who's trying to get over your ex boyfriend, just know that he is so unlucky for losing you. If he has moved on, maybe it's time for you to try and move on. Get out there and have a good time and show him you don't need him. I know it hurts. This poem shows that, but it's life.

    Missing Ex-Boyfriend Poem

    I lie in bed awake at night,
    Replay what we used to be.
    I can't believe it's over now,
    And you have moved on without me.
    Another girl has taken my place.
    I hope she treats you well.
    I'd give anything to have you back.
    Just thinking of you makes my heart swell.
    I stare at you, my feelings so strong.
    I love everything you do,
    So how can you like someone else
    When I'm in love with you?

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is heartbreaking because I believe this to be my story. To the one that God made for me, I still am in love with you and never left you. At the same time, I never knew you wanted "us." I...

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  17. 15. The Promise

    I wrote this when a boy left me. I thought we were meant to be, but he didn't keep his promise.

    Getting Your Heart Broken

    I love you.
    Those three words didn't mean a thing.
    I thought we were meant to be,
    But I guess it was just a fling.
    There's a wall around my heart, stopping me from crying,
    But there's something inside of me
    That feels like it's dying.
    You were everything I needed, cared for.
    I chose you, but now my heart is sore.
    You will never realize that you were my best friend too,
    But believe me when I say this,
    I really did love you.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem meant a lot to me. This is my first real heartbreak. It really does hurt when a relationship comes to an end. The good thing is that this is a learning experience that can help us...

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  18. 16. My One-Sided Love

    Grief, sadness, death...old problems I've faced, but today I'm getting past them. The problem I've failed to beat is my one-sided love, the one lost in the waves of my life but is still there to press on my heart wound every time I close my eyes.

    My love to her is a roaring fire.
    She's all I ever did or will desire.
    Without her I am no more,
    'Cause she's all I live for.

    She's my red colored rose,
    Yet I don't know why her I chose.
    Guess that's the way the heart is,
    That way of working is only his.

    I hide behind a "hey" or a "hi,"
    But the truth is that I'm just too shy.
    The truth is that I'm just too scared
    Of her reaction if she knew I cared.

    Every day my feelings I fight,
    Try to change them, make them right,
    But they already long ago are,
    They already went too far.

    Sometimes I feel like a creep.
    I feel I'm on a mountain that's too steep.
    Sometimes at night I can't even sleep
    Because of what's hidden down deep.

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    Latest Shared Story

    In my experience, a boy with the courage to put it all out there for all to see is not only rare, it's inspiring! I am so proud that the author took this step. He has set an amazing example....

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  19. 17. Soundly In Your Bed

    • By Taeha N. Ryder
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2020

    My name is Taeha and I am sixteen. I befriended someone who soon became my best friend. He was the definition of a best friend. He means the world to me. He moved a little over one year of our friendship, and I haven't seen him in close to a year now. We talk here and there but not often. He keeps promising to come visit, but that has not yet come. This poem shows just how I feel about the situation, and I am very proud of it.

    A Poem About Missing My Best Friend

    I am lying awake in my nice, warm bed.
    I am not sleeping because you are stuck in my head.
    I try to forget that you were ever here,
    But you made a huge impact in that one short year.

    My heart hurts as I think of you.
    You are everywhere in my thoughts, like animals in a zoo.
    I picture you sound asleep in your fluffy bed,
    No sort of worry ever enters your head.

    I stare at the ceiling as one lonely tear runs down my cheek.
    I am crying in silent agony, forcing myself not to squeak.
    The pain breaks me as I turn left and right.
    My heart is destroyed every single night.

    The silent river flows even faster without a sound.
    I imagine you holding me as my heart falls to the ground.
    Please catch my heart; do not let it break.
    I do not wish to continue this painful ache.

    I am falling apart without you as I lay in my bed.
    Only visions of you are filling my head.
    I cry and I cry, though I know it's not right.
    My heart shatters; this happens every night.

    Oh, how I hope that you remember me.
    Only you can set my heart free.
    All of this pain and heartache fill my tired head.
    I am falling apart while you sleep soundly in your bed.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Wonderful poetry Taeha, your despair shows through every word you've shared. I hope one day your friend shows up, with a big, warm, consoling hug.

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  20. 18. Baby, I'm Stronger

    • By Ashlei Ernst
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    This poem is about this guy I never went out with, but we talked about it. He was three years older than me, and we were always together and always kissing and everything; he was perfect. Until I found out he had another girl the whole time!
    So from March-September he cheated on her.

    You came into my life
    During a time I was hurt.
    All you said
    Was that he was a jerk.
    Days went by; we became close.
    I never thought I'd love you the most.
    I went to your baseball games;
    You took my home in your truck.
    Us meeting was fate, now it's not even luck.
    During the summer, we didn't even talk.
    It's like out of my life you slowly walked.
    Summer starts to end, sport seasons start,
    And then I see you walking back to my heart.
    Days come and go, we get close,
    And you're the one who's on my mind the most.
    When our eyes meet, my heart skips a beat.
    When our lips touch, I fall right off my feet.
    One of your hands in mine, the other on the wheel
    With all of that, my heart you did steal.
    But now it's all gone
    And the right turned wrong.
    The tone is no longer on our same song.
    You were like no other who has taken my heart.
    I wish we stayed friends, like we were from the start.
    You say you don't want to see me anymore,
    So stop looking at me because my heart is already sore.
    Please don't look at me or even think about me.
    You're not going to hurt me anymore, you see,
    You've lied, you've cheated,
    You've hurt me worse than I've ever been,
    And now my heart won't let another boy in.

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    I can relate to your poem. I had a similar experience with a boy I liked in school. It was the first time I felt that intense feeling that comes with love. I was shy to talk to him, and when...

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  21. 19. We Were The Perfect Two

    • By Daisy Thompson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    I wrote this poem because I was with this guy for a long time. We planned all these things we were going to do. Then out of the blue, he broke up with me. Now he's with this girl he loved when he was with me. It broke my heart.

    The Pain I Felt After You Left

    I lie awake on my bed and think of you.
    Oh, how I wish you had a clue.
    I think of the times we spent together.
    I wish those memories would last forever.

    We planned to get married;
    You gave me the ring you carried.
    Then you broke my heart.

    Why did you have to lie?
    I wish I could just die.
    You made me believe that your love was true,
    Made me believe that we were the Perfect Two.

    You kissed my lips so soft and said good-bye.
    Again, I wish I could just die.
    They tell me to move on and forget you,
    But they also do not have a clue.

    You said that I was your one and only.
    Now you left me, and I'm so lonely.
    Your memories haunt me, taunt me.

    I wish you still loved me,
    But you love her.
    I wanted to be with you forever,
    But I will never have your love again.

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  22. 20. Tears No More

    • By Jessica Cutts
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    Being rejected by someone you like is hard to go through. That is what inspired me to write this. After basically being rejected by this guy I was crushing on, I had all these thoughts going through my head, and I just started writing. This is how it turned out. Please feel free to leave comments.

    I told you how I felt,
    But you turned the other cheek.
    I was basically rejected.
    I feel so small, so very weak.

    I found the reason why I always keep to myself.
    I hate this feeling of pain
    Of being rejected like I'm not good enough.
    This will happen never again.

    I'm tired of letting people in.
    I'm tired of being alone.
    I'm tired of being rejected and hurt.
    This is it; that feeling's gone.

    I'm not gonna let you in.
    I'm not gonna let you see my tears fall.
    I'm not gonna let you see me hurt.
    I'm not gonna let you bring me down most of all.

    I told you how I felt
    Because I wanted you to know,
    But apparently you would never feel the same,
    So I guess it's time for me to go.

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