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    Poems by Danny Henry

  • My Daddy

    • Published: November 2011

    in Father's Day Poems

    A daddy is a special man
    In which all things abound
    Showing care and passion
    And love to all around


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    I was really touched by this poem, and it has encouraged me to write my own poem for my dad. Mine tells him that he is very special even when he embarrasses me in front of my friends. I love...

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  • I'll Be There

    • Published: June 2019

    in Dying Poems

    As the old man lay there, smiling
    at that small and wrinkled face,
    he knew his life was over
    and it was time to leave this place.


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    It's a poem that expresses the depth of human feelings, especially at the verge of separation. It also shares an experience common to all living beings. These reasons make me love this poem.

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