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  • Tall Pine

    • Published: June 2008

    in Spiritual Poems about Nature

    Upon her crystal shores... waves of shimmering light.
    Part of a larger symphony near water's edge.
    Under tall pine a leaf gently spirals to the ground.
    A small note... unheard by most. A piece of that song....

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  • Touched By Snow

    • Published: January 2008
    Souls Connecting

    in Snow Poems

    A small girl on a frozen pond... skates in hand.
    A small pond... trees near by... snow is falling.
    A bench to put on her skates.
    A twinkle in her eye....

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  • The Grand Canyon

    • Published: May 2008

    in Beauty of Nature Poems

    She picked up her brush and began to paint
    Her pallet of earth sometimes was faint
    The depth of scene was beyond reach of eye
    Topped now and again by a turquoise sky

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  • Droplets

    • Published: January 2008
    Impressions In Life

    in Poems about Spirituality

    Her eyes glinted as sunlight played upon blades of grass.
    Dew drops' faces reflected rainbows.
    Expressions; like points of crystals
    Reaching from deep within....

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    This story is really good it's like something is shooting for your heart but you just hit mine. It reminds me of my old home back at Fresno.

  • Crystal Stairs

    • Published: January 2008
    Journey In Our Life

    in Dream Poems

    Crystal stairs, "Where will you lead,
    offering steps in our time of need...
    a luminous path from here it seems,
    a crystal spiral of lucid dreams?"...

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    Featured Shared Story

    I have been there and back . I have lost my mother, sister and brother. I still believe there is something left in me to share with the world.

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