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I found the family and friends poems when I was looking for a poem about spring. I ended up writing a very short one myself, and for some reason decided to submit it. To my surprise it was published. I have never written poems before, and it's amazing to know that someone else thinks it's good. I appreciate any and all who read an enjoy my work, and hope that in some way they will be a blessing. GOD IS GOOD!

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    Poems by Elaine G. Brock

  • Bound In The Freedom Of His Love

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    • Posted on 03/03/20
    Being Free When You Are Bound

    in Short Poems

    My first grandchild you were, for your future I'd pray,
    That a life full of happiness would fill every day;
    But then life happened, some choices were bad,
    Consequences were harsh, the heartbreak so sad.

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  • The Miracle Of Christmas

    • Published: December 22, 2019
    Reminder Of The True Meaning Of Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Mary was chosen; how could this be true?
    A young girl and virgin was who they all knew.
    Cousin Elizabeth, too, six months was she.
    Her son was John, a "forerunner" he would be,


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  • My Childhood Home

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    • Posted on 05/30/19
    Memories Of The Home I Was Raised In

    in Short Poems

    Small and simple she so proudly stands
    Nothing extravagant, fancy or grand
    So lovingly built by my daddy's hands
    But, oh, how she warms my heart.

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  • Forgiven

    • Published: April 2019
    Forgiven Acrostic Poem

    in Religious Poems

    R emembering days
    E ver so gray.
    S ad with despair.
    T hen Jesus stepped in,


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  • Once Again, Spring

    • Published: April 2019
    The Excitement Of Spring

    in Spiritual Poems about Nature

    Oh, the beauty and refreshment that nature brings
    When the earth, once again, breaks into spring.
    The birds, in their song, with excitement sing,
    All hail to the Creator, Christ the King!


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    Featured Shared Story

    Loved it, Elaine. My wife used to be a secretary and did the weekly bulletin for 5 years in our little country church too. A very rewarding job. God bless you. -Gary

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  • Elaine G. Brock
  • 2 years ago

Thank you, Gary, for taking the time to comment on my little poem. It means a lot to know someone enjoyed it. Blessings to you and your wife. Elaine Brock

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