Spiritual Poems about Nature

Spiritual Poems about Nature

Poems about God and Nature

It seems that it is in man's nature to live a spiritual lifestyle. We need very much to live a meaningful life and therefore we look to find purpose in our lives. Religion is simply a system devised to live your life according to the meaning that you have envisioned for your life. Others find the structure of organized religion to be stifling. They find that going into nature is the best way to get in touch with the spirit. It seems that the trees, and the grass and flowers never lose sight of their purpose. In the same way, nature helps us get in touch with our inner spirit that never forgets.

18 Poems on the Spiritual Connection With Nature

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  1. 1. His Presence

    A friend of mine once asked me
    Just how could I believe
    In someone I never saw,
    Nor spoken words received.

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    I really love this poem. It really moved me. It is exceptionally well written with a soulful observation of the true miracles of life. I have a good friend that is many years older than...

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  3. 2. Something About The Sky

    The sky speaks without words,
    Messages that warm my heart.
    It never ceases to amaze me,
    Like a timeless work of art.

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  5. 3. Wonders Of The Universe

    Rainbows paint a picture
    On a showery summer's day.
    The wind is just a whisper
    To blow your cares away.

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  6. 4. God The Artist

    God, when you thought of a pine tree,
    How did you think of a star?
    How did you dream of the Milky Way
    To guide us from afar.

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  7. 5. Peace

    THE steadfast coursing of the stars,
    The waves that ripple to the shore,
    The vigorous trees which year by year
    Spread upwards more and more;

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    A beautiful and inspired poem about a sometimes elusive quality that we all so much need to permeate our hearts. Maybe it has something to do with understanding and being understood and...

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  8. 6. The Wild

    I am a bird flying high and free,
    A sleek grey dolphin in a shimmering sea,
    A tawny lion with long sharp claws,
    And a stealthy crocodile with powerful jaws.

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  9. 7. The Voice In The Forest

    I heard a soft sound, like wind through the trees,
    But there was no wind, for the air was still,
    And the forest stood waiting, silent and strong,
    Trees standing guard as they always will.

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  10. 8. My Farmer Father

    • By Jasmine N. Swantz
    • Published: July 2006

    My father is a farmer.
    His heart is in the soil
    It's there he finds his solace,
    Among the grimy toil.

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    This is the best poem I've ever laid eyes on! I, too, have a farmer father, and this poem fits him perfectly. Daddy told me once that he feels closest to God when he is in the fields. Thank,...

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  11. 9. Stars

    • By Abigail R. Hall
    • Published: September 2020

    In order for the stars to shine,
    The sun must go to rest,
    For only in the darkness can
    You see the light the best.

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    I really enjoyed this poem. The perception of the stars being pinpoints into heaven...just a glimpse into what lies ahead. I love this thought and I will never forget it.

  12. 10. Peace In Him

    Where the ocean meets the sky
    The setting colours stun
    A picture painted by the Lord
    Of the things to come

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  13. 11. Thanksgiving

    • By V Shreya Varsini
    • Published: March 2020

    I thank God for the bright morning light
    And the dark sacred night.
    I thank God for the morning dew
    And every captivating view.

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  14. 12. My Garden Of Eden

    I'm not a people person, as everyone knows;
    It's in the garden where my energy flows.
    I talk to the birds, I talk to the trees,
    I talk to the ants, and at times even the bees.

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    So very nice. It made me happy. It's so nice to hear something beautiful. Thank you very much. God Bless. LCM

  15. 13. God's Gift

    • By Lois Parry
    • Published: February 2016

    God asked me what I wanted in life.

    I said to him,

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    Very clever. I like it. The result could not be seen. Well done!

  16. 14. Closing Of The Day

    When the day becomes an evening
    And I've seen the passing sun
    I know I've heard the last little chirp
    Of songs the birds have sung

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  17. 15. Where Peaceful Waters Flow

    • By Keith Burroughs
    • Published: February 2011

    The clouds break forth the streams of light
    To dance upon the earth,
    And cradled in the sands of time,
    Comes a newborn baby's birth.

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    Live is a vapour, popularity is an accident, riches do take wing, those who share today may not be opportune for tomorrow, character is the endurance.

  18. 16. The Soul Print

    • By Scott Mcintire
    • Published: July 2015

    Sitting in peaceful places
    Upon Nature's natural faces
    Silent sounds of the River's rushing
    The Wind with the Trees harmoniously brushing

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  19. 17. Once Again, Spring

    Oh, the beauty and refreshment that nature brings
    When the earth, once again, breaks into spring.
    The birds, in their song, with excitement sing,
    All hail to the Creator, Christ the King!

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    Loved it, Elaine. My wife used to be a secretary and did the weekly bulletin for 5 years in our little country church too. A very rewarding job. God bless you. -Gary

  20. 18. The Healing Power Of Mother Nature

    maybe the answer is simple,
    and all along
    there's been relief--
    if the strands of your soul

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