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    Poems by Emily D. Luna

  • That's What Friends Are For

    • Published: September 2019
    The Power Of Friendship

    in Friends Forever Poems

    A friend is not just someone who hangs out with you.
    A friend is someone who cares about you.
    A friend is someone who tells you the truth.
    A friend is someone who doesn't make you feel blue.


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  • Follow Your Dreams

    • Published: May 2019
    Don't Let Failure Follow You

    in Poems by Kids

    Follow your dreams.
    You won't disagree.
    Failure is in the past,
    So get over that fast.


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    I loved the poem "Follow Your Dreams." I wonder how old the author was when she wrote it. I hope she keeps at it. I wrote poetry when I was in grade school. -Scott Schaeffer-Duffy

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