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  • The Mental Hospital

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    • Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago
    The Mental Hospital

    in Mental Illness Poems

    There's a place in the hospital where they house the severely mentally ill
    A place where people walk around in a daze and every day starts and ends with a pill

    Where people don't want your money, they only want your prayers

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  • 2 Hours

    • Published: November 2017
    Agoraphobia, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

    in Mental Illness Poems

    Anxiety rips me out of my sleep, a shock to my system like a bucket of ice water.
    I open my eyes to see a demon hovering near the ceiling; fighting it will lead to my slaughter.

    These demons cover the Earth like the oxygen we can't see.

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  • "We" Couldn't See

    • Published: September 2017
    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    in Mental Illness Poems

    Brian and I were polar opposites; he was loud and wild while I was more quiet and tame.
    Despite our differences, both family and friends said we often looked and acted exactly the same.

    I never understood it. My skin was unremarkable, nothing more than the average bruise.

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  • Little Schizophrenic Girl

    • Published: September 2016
    A Girl I Met At The Mental Hospital

    in Mental Illness Poems

    Little Schizophrenic Girl, heavily medicated so she can't feel the pain.
    She will never leave that hospital, never again feel snow or rain.

    Tears rolled down my cheek the very first time I looked into her blue eyes.

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    This poem is touching, yet sad. We don't understand the tormented lives people who are mentally ill experience! I'm praying for all those afflicted, that they will know peace and strength in...

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