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I've struggled with depression most of my life. I tend to see the worst in things and often need to be reminded of things most people do naturally. This short poem is one of those reminders. A great tragedy occurs when the bad days numb us to the good ones. Try to enjoy the good days, because they don't last that long. Try not to fear the bad days, because they won't last that long. Whether time is currently your friend or foe, however it can help you today, remember today won't last that long.

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I, too, have dealt with depression most of my life. I have learned two things. Feelings are just that. They are fleeting. They come and they go. I have also learned to rely on my rock, my...

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A Day Away

Brian E Pardee © more by Brian E Pardee

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020 with permission of the Author.

Some feelings are shallow, some feelings are deep.
Some make us smile, some make us weep.

Some we love, some we don't.
Some we'll savor, some we won't.

Some grounding, some uplifting,
Some long-lasting, some constantly shifting.

No matter what feelings I'm feeling today,
I know tomorrow is only a day away.



I started writing inside a mental hospital when I was 18 and I guess I never stopped. Most of my writing has been about mental illness but in recent years I branched out into other topics I'm familiar with. If my poetry had one central message or theme it would be understanding. Once a person can understand another's mindset they tend...

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  • Taylor Davidson by Taylor Davidson
  • 3 months ago

I was looking for a short poem to analyze for a school assignment, without much enthusiasm, and chose this one out of convenience, but I realized how profound this was relative to its length. I feel that looking at this poem with a passing glance will render the offhand thought that "bad feelings go away and won't matter tomorrow," but I think it is more than that. Essentially, feelings are varied, some extremely powerful and deeply impactful, others being shallow, temporary things that ebb and flow to circumstance. Anywhere on the spectrum between those two can be good, bad, or neutral, but time effects them all. It's not just the bad feelings that fade, but the good ones as well. You can tell yourself that bad feelings will pass, but often saying goodbye to a good time, with good feelings can bring other emotions. The passing of time will shape those good feelings into nostalgia, looked upon in a bittersweet way. Nothing is immune to the march of time.

I can relate 100%. I hope you are finding some peace and that writing may be cathartic to you. It's a great short poem and I read it at a time I needed to. Some things are funny that way. Many days my depression makes me numb. Reading things like this and also writing seem to help the most. Keep it up. You're talented.

Thank you, Kerri. I appreciate it. I agree, writing can be very therapeutic. I hate those numb days too and definitely do find reading poetry very helpful. Hope you're doing well too. Thanks again, Brian

  • Nidhi Rana by Nidhi Rana
  • 3 years ago

Living our lives from moment to moment is what defines us. When we are happy, all things look bright and beautiful. But when we hit the the lowest ebb, everything is dull and banal and the hours are long and the day much longer. The poem beautifully suggests what famous romantic poet Shelley wrote, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" The two poets teach us to look beyond, at the shine and blaze of a new day ahead, a new beginning ahead and that time is fleeting, shifting each moment. So, live on!!

Wow Nidhi, I'm completely blown away by your comment; that was amazing. I don't even know what to say other than thank you for sharing, Brian

  • Diana Yarrito by Diana Yarrito
  • 3 years ago

I, too, have dealt with depression most of my life. I have learned two things. Feelings are just that. They are fleeting. They come and they go. I have also learned to rely on my rock, my faith. I fought my belief for a long time, wanting to control my depression myself. I realized it was something I could not do by myself. So, I died to myself and gave my life over to God. Together, day by day, we fight, struggle and conquer. On most days, I have peace. On the days I don't, we weather the storm together. Knowing I am not alone makes all the difference. When you said tomorrow is only a day away, you write truth.

Thank you, Diana. I completely agree. I find reading Eckhart Tolle's spirituality books very helpful. Almost like it helps reprogram my mind to see life differently in a more positive way. Faith is definitely a great tool to combat depression and mental illness. I hope you're doing well. Thanks again, Brian

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