Mental Illness Poems

Poems about Mental Illness

Discovering you suffer from a mental illness can be devastating. When faced with this challenge, most people work hard to pursue treatment and inform themselves about the disease. Even still, keeping a positive outlook and attempting to maintain good communication with your loved ones can become extremely challenging. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may feel deep sadness and frustration because of your illness. Such feelings are normal, and should not be repressed. In fact, expressing them to a close friend or through writing can help you to cope, and even thrive, despite your mental illness.

Poems about Anxiety and Panic Disorders


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  1. "We" Couldn't See

    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Brian and I were polar opposites; he was loud and wild while I was more quiet and tame.
    Despite our differences, both family and friends said we often looked and acted exactly the same.

    I never understood it. My skin was unremarkable, nothing more than the average bruise.

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  3. Life Is An Illusion

    • By Trisha
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Giving Up Or Pushing Forward

    Surrounded by people yet all alone
    Trapped within this solitary zone
    A world where chaos and hate overtake
    Every bit of happiness that may try to escape

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    Through the love of God and His angels who travel the universe to assist us especially in our hour of need. I've been hearing angels singing in my home for the past few years. God is with us,...

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  4. Signed, Your Mind

    • By Emma
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About Anxiety And Depression

    Get dressed, love.
    You're going to be late.
    You look at yourself in the mirror,
    The one you really hate.

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    This is so well written. It makes me want to write. I also suffer from mental illness, and I appreciate the style and rhythm of this poem, and I hope you continue to post.

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  6. Little Schizophrenic Girl

    A Girl I Met At The Mental Hospital

    Little Schizophrenic Girl, heavily medicated so she can't feel the pain.
    She will never leave that hospital, never again feel snow or rain.

    Tears rolled down my cheek the very first time I looked into her blue eyes.

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    This poem is touching, yet sad. We don't understand the tormented lives people who are mentally ill experience! I'm praying for all those afflicted, that they will know peace and strength in...

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  7. Panic Attack

    Closing in all around me
    a fear I cant describe.
    All shaky and confused
    I think I'm going to die....

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    I used to have really bad panic attacks (luckily they've gotten better now), but this and everyone else's comments makes me feel a lot better. I had a few friends that were going through...

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  8. 2 Hours

    Agoraphobia, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

    Anxiety rips me out of my sleep, a shock to my system like a bucket of ice water.
    I open my eyes to see a demon hovering near the ceiling; fighting it will lead to my slaughter.

    These demons cover the Earth like the oxygen we can't see.

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  10. Uninvited Guest

    • By Vicky
    • Published: October 2007

    Feel broken down, my body aches
    My heart it bleeds from past mistakes
    Can't stop the tears, they fall like rain
    The words are spinning 'round my brain...

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    Short very rich in words, true, and to the point I love this poem, great Job!!!!!!

  11. Mysterious Pain

    Poem about Anxiety Disorder

    With her head hung low
    and nowhere to go

    She can't explain...

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    No one understands what I am suffering from. My new doctor has decided I am taking a far too dangerous drug, so he is weaning me off. I must suffer again for the length of this weaning...

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  12. Feeling

    • By Monica J Abrica
    • Published: July 2014
    Poem About Fighting Bipolar Disorder For Children's Sake

    Life is hard to live sometimes when the light inside no longer shines.
    Everything around becomes so dark, I grab a knife to leave a mark!
    It makes me feel alive again! Replacing fear and doubts with pain!
    I hope to fill the emptiness, I fight to end my loneliness. ...

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    I am so glad I came across your poem. I'm a 44-year-old divorced mom who doesn't have my boys (18 years & 16 years - they live with their dad), and they don't have much to do with me. I'm...

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  13. Now You've Recovered

    • By Charles A Cino
    • Published: November 2016
    Recovery From Mental Illness

    When you recover, what will you do?
    When you recover, will you still be you?
    Will you be stronger, will you be new,
    When you recover from what you've been through.

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