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    Poems by J8887

  • Simple, It's Just Life

    • Published: May 2018
    Everything Will Be Okay

    in Meaningful Poems

    We've all been through thick.
    We've all been through thin.
    We've all been to the light
    And back to the dark again.


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  • Life May Be Hard

    • Published: December 2016
    Encouragement To Keep Going In Life

    in Courage Poems by Teens

    Don't stop and scream at the pebble that made you fall.
    If you can't get up, at least crawl.
    You gotta move forward
    And never be cornered


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    Dear Sara,
    I'm a teen, and I can relate your poem! I get that feeling sometimes. Your poem is very encouraging and beautiful. I think next time I feel that way I will look at your poem. Best...

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