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Leeza Jayde

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Leeza Jayde von Alpen is a South Australian poet and young adult writer. She started writing at the highly imaginative age of six and never stopped. Leeza is also a passionate English and History high school teacher and the head of English Faculty at her college. When she isn’t mouthing help from beneath a mountain of essays yet to be marked, she is also an animated creative writing workshop presenter and an amateur astronomer who seeks adventure in every unexplored nook and cranny she can find. Her long awaited collection of poems, 'While We're Here' (August 2021), explores moving and meaningful themes, such as love's beautiful and difficult truths, the raw reality of trauma, healing, hope, feminism, and life's ephemeral nature.

You can find her on Instagram under @leezajaydepoetry or buried in tea-stained paperbacks by the sea.

    Poems by Leeza Jayde

  • Your Mindset

    • Published: January 2022

    in Inspirational Poems

    I am broken
    don’t tell me that
    I am healing


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