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    Poems by Maddy R. Kohler

  • Our History

    My Poem talks about how are history isn't just the stuff in books it's about where we came from and who we are. Our present will be history, our time will pass, but our history will be our legacy.

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    • Posted on 05/15/20

    in Short Poems

    We can't forget our history
    Or else it will be left a mystery
    Future generations will not know
    What there ancestors have to show

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  • Spring Is Here

    • Published: April 2019

    in Poems by Kids

    Spring is here.
    It's time to cheer
    And observe God's tender grace
    With flowers blooming to and fro


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    Great to read such a positive poem in the current dark times of Coronavirus. Thank goodness for the optimism of youth. Goof job Maddy.

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  • The Joy Of Christmas

    • Published: December 2018

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas is a loving hug
    Or roasting chestnuts on the rug.
    Christmas is one's first snow
    And wrapping presents up with bows.


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    I was honored to know this author's father when he was first born and celebrated many Christmases with him and his Mom and Dad. This poem made me remember the wonderful Christmases we had. I...

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