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    Poems by Margaret

  • My Mother's Hands

    • Published: April 2009
    Thank You Mom For Always Being There

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    She's so small, is she ready?,
    To enter this world with a heart so tiny,
    She takes a breath, her cry so low,
    Her mom grabs her close, now she starts to glow,...

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    This poem really touched my heart, because I was born 25 weeks early. I weighed one pound and four ounces. My dad could actually hold me in the palm of his hand. In the human eye I was not...

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  • My Darling Grandma

    • Published: May 2009

    in In Memory Poems

    A woman of extreme strength, courage and love,
    Who was beautiful, soft and now peaceful and free as a dove.
    Someone on who our admiration was built around,
    For her womanhood, wife, friend and grandmother since she was brought into this ground.

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    My great-grandmother lived to be 101. She was a beautiful, wise, and strong woman. Up until July 2017, she was still living in her own home and cooking full meals. She more or less raised me...

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  • Mommy's Found

    • Published: June 2018
    Poem Asking Children For Forgiveness For Being An Addict

    in Addiction Poems about Family

    My child, I'm right here,
    Looking for reasons for the things I've done,
    Why I went to the places I did,
    and how my feelings kept me away for so long.

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