Addiction Poem about Family

Poem Asking Children For Forgiveness For Being An Addict

"Mommies Found" is the respondent poem to "Hide and Seek," which I wrote for my kids asking for their forgiveness. This was the process I took in order to find forgiveness within myself for the downfall I allowed my addiction to take on me and my family.

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Mommy's Found

© more by Margaret

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2018 with permission of the author.

My child, I'm right here,
Looking for reasons for the things I've done,
Why I went to the places I did,
and how my feelings kept me away for so long.

My child, I'm right here.
My eyes are clear now, and I see where I went wrong.
I take one look at you; how could I have left you alone?
Take my hand so I can let you know that my love for you is strong,
And I will never again leave you to take all this on.

My child, I'm right here.
Please believe me that none of this is your fault,
That mommy was sick and needed some help,
Your beautiful face gave me hope to finally get better and stand up strong,
To come at you truly and admit all of my wrongs.

My child, I'm right here.
Come into my arms so I can finally protect you from all of your fears.
And help you believe and understand that I am now here to wipe away your tears.

My child, I'm right here.
I ask for your forgiveness and to give me this chance,
To show you how much I love you and I'll never leave you again,
So always and forever, always together, our hearts can now finally dance.


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