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    Poems by Miranda S

  • Forgetting You

    • Published: July 5, 2018

    in Moving On Poems

    There is a time to love
    And a time to forget
    A time to get rid of
    And a time to close set

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  • No Way

    • Published: February 2010
    No Escape From Heartbreak

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    Love a sense of belonging,
    A common feeling of caring.
    Heartbreak severe loneliness,
    A common feeling of emptiness....

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    Love can be like a sea storm,
    And if you survive you will end up lost and torn,
    feeling so cold and far away,
    instead of warm and here to stay

    When you reach civilization,
    You feel...

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  • Must Admit

    • Published: June 28, 2018
    Don't Hurt Me Again

    in Forgiveness Poems about Love

    I must admit,
    My heart was hit.
    You broke it apart,
    Cut through real smart.

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  • Can't Stop Myself From Loving Him

    • Published: February 2010

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    Why am I such a fool?
    I can't stop myself from loving you.
    And countless nights I've cried for you,
    Just because my feelings are true.

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    I think you can survive. The thing is that you haven't let go of him. I would tell you that you are too special to be someone's second best while you can be someone else's only best... Just...

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  • Nothing

    • Published: November 2009
    You Hurt Me Poem

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    You say it's nothingĀ 
    But this isn't nothingĀ 
    Your actions tell me you are done
    But in my heart you are not gone

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    This touched me because I got hurt today. By this boy I really liked, and he just dropped me like a pencil. I can't believe this has happened. I am hurt.

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