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  • Are There Paw Prints In Heaven?

    • Published: January 2009
    Where Do Dogs Go After Death

    in Animal Poems

    I hear of a place that is made of gold,
    a place where we shall never grow old,
    but one answer I have not heard at all,
    will there be paw prints from my little dog?

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    I lost my Jay on 4-24-2014 at 10:05 pm my house is not the same, my heart has an empty spot in it. I MISS HIM SO MUCH. Thank You for this web page my Dog was ALL OF THAT

  • My Jenny Wren

    • Published: December 2008
    Depend On Me I Will Always Be There

    in Sister Poems

    You with you dark brown hair and your glistening eyes,
    the gift I would receive and felt it was just for me.
    You are my Jenny Wren, forever you will be.
    I will climb on the couch and hold you close,

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  • My Reflection

    • Published: December 2008
    I Thank God Daily For This Gift

    in Daughter Poems

    Sometimes I look in the rearview mirror or out the corner of my eye and see a reflection of me.
    Not the way your hair has that blonde shine in it or the way you smile.
    Not the dimples in your cheeks or even the way you smirk just a little when you're being naughty.
    But I see my hope for you when I hear you say, I want to be a doctor when I grow up....

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