Animal Poems for Kids

Fun Poems about Animals

Children are fascinated with all types of animals. From observing wild animals in zoos and aquariums to squirrels and birds in their backyards, children find animals mesmerizing. A pet can be a child’s best friend. Children love pets, from fish and guinea pigs to dogs and cats. Pets give children wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, especially when their pet makes a mess or does something funny.

Pet Poems for Kids


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  1. Life On The Farm

    Story About Farm Animals

    Spring comes early,
    when you live on a farm.
    There's new born life,
    and sounds in the barn.

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    It is a very interesting poem, which takes me back to my childhood in which we, the children, sang the nursery rhyme, "There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o."

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  3. Always Love Your Pet, No Matter How Old They Get

    • By Lesley M. Patterson
    • Published: August 2018

    Pets are people, too, just like me and you.
    They need food in their tummies and lots of beefy yummies.

    They are little, but their hearts are BIG.

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    This poem delivers a right message about the relationship between man and nature. These pets teach us love, compassion, and empathy without expectation. But one bitter reality l must admit...

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  4. My Best Friend

    • By Abby Jenkins
    • Published: March 2011
    Dog Poem

    Black and white
    Thick and furry
    Fast as the wind
    Always in a hurry

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    I've had many dogs in my life! Growing up as a little girl, I remember my father taking my younger sister and me to pick out our first dog. He was a terrier mix, and my father named him Spud...

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  6. My First Pet

    The Excitement Of A Child Getting A Pet

    My mommy said today
    That I could get a pet one day.
    I gave her a kiss
    Then started making my list.

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  7. Best Birthday Ever!

    • By Zorian Alexis
    • Published: August 14, 2019
    ABC Poem About The Perfect Birthday Gift

    "Amazing!" was all I could say
    Because I finally got my puppy today.
    Chocolate brown with soulful eyes,
    Definitely the perfect birthday surprise.

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  8. Yip-Yip-Woof!

    • By Kristin Frederick
    • Published: October 2011
    Chihuahua And A Great Dane

    Tiny Chihuahua,
    Humongous Great Dane.
    The difference between them
    Is really quite plain.

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  10. Dino, Dino, Who Will It Be?

    • By Allison M. Kupiec
    • Published: March 4, 2019
    Dinosaur Facts For Kids

    Dino, Dino, who will it be?

    T-Rex, T-Rex, your roar ferocious and loud,
    Standing on its hind legs, tall and proud.

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    This is very interesting because together with the types of dinosaurs their specific characteristics are mentioned. It might give children both joy and knowledge.

  11. Puppy And I

    I met a Man as I went walking:
    We got talking,
    Man and I.
    "Where are you going to, Man?" I said

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  12. Glow Worm

    • By Taylor Russell
    • Published: October 2011
    Short Funny Poem For Kids

    Oh, I wish I were a glow worm,
    for a glow worm's never glum,
    'cause how can you be grumpy
    when the sun shines out your bum!

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  13. A Worm In My Pocket

    • By Jodee Samano
    • Published: September 2008
    Boys And Things That Crawl

    One rainy day on my way home from school,
    I found a big worm and thought it was cool.

    I picked up the worm with my bare hand,

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    Great poem. My daughter also likes worms. When she was younger she would play happily in the muck collecting worms for hours.

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