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About Patricia A. Howard

I am 66years old and only got into writing poetry about a year and a half ago.
I enjoy writing on many subjects.
And had good reviews on two of my poems else where.I have three children. Who are in awe of my writing.
I am broadening my horizons every day by reading poetry and watching people.
I write for my own enjoyment. But I also like sharing my poems with others.
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    Poems by Patricia A. Howard

  • Love's Arrow

    • Published: February 2019
    Overwhelming Feelings Of Love And Desire

    in Falling in Love Poems

    Overwhelming and revealing
    this amazing feeling,
    this ache I crave, this desire,
    this emotion you inspire.


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  • Wishes

    • Published: December 2018
    Christmas Toast To Family

    in Christmas Poems

    The orange glow of the fireplace
    fills the room with Christmas cheer.
    To my family I raise my glass,
    full of wishes for the year.


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